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I am a proud Maldivian where true hospitality shines and is born. I have started my hospitality career in 2011, which allows me to directly deal with Customers. Since then I have worked in almost all the functional departments before I reached my current positions. I have started my career in hospitality as a kitchen helper.

After a few years in the industry, it reminds me of my true potential, from there on I have started studying again and today I am doing a Ph.D.  along with formal education, I have done a vast amount of courses related to customer experience, and one of the remarkable training that I have successfully completed was CX Transformation Course with Managing CX.

Today Proudly I am holding Director of Operations in one of the luxury resorts in the Maldives with 327 villas in its inventory to cater to over 750 guests at any given time.  114 more villas to add which will allow to cater to over 1100 guests. Managing such a huge number of guests requires true knowledge and Experience. Meeting customer expectations requires both knowledge and experience formally and informally which I believe I have now.

During my career, I have done lots of projects to enhance CX and Customer-Centric culture. Working with different stakeholders to achieve the intended outcome was what I have enjoyed most in my career.

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