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Kinetic Edge Consultants
Tampa, FL


With the combination of creative thinking, traditional and unconventional methods, I have helped organizations exceed their expectations, delight the customer and attain a customer-centric culture.
I continue to build diversified revenue streams with customer strategies to gain, grow and retain clients that have resulted in $1B in increased revenue and profitable sales.
• Increased revenue +20%
• Improved profitability +25%
• Minimized risk in change management and crisis management
• Four Star Performance Award winner – Financial, Operations, Customer Service, Customer Acquisition

Build and communicate brand message for the customer experience and customer journey map
• Developed congruent strategies across multiple channels for a clear message to reach the target market and increase conversion, lowering customer acquisition cost
• Identified target market segments in highly competitive markets to grow market share

Evolutionary programs to increase customer spend and move to retention
• Led Best Practices Team for Finance and Customer Service; developed and implemented strategies for the organization, engagement, client services, SaaS, and loyalty program management for CX.
• Built awareness of the customer lifecycle with analytics and relatable, evolutionary programs to drive value, results, and outcomes.
• Analyzed customer base and targeted clients in multiple categories to increase wallet share and market share with customer relationship marketing to elevate lifetime customer value.
• Customer Service Store of the Year and annual finalist

Develop customer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships
• Galvanize teams and organizational culture on commitment to customer service, involving all roles in the quest to be the best
• Led teams of 200+ with the highest engagement score of 90%+ and lowered turnover to less than 20%
• Used critical thinking skills and strong working relationship within organizations of all sizes, motivating, engaging, and improving performance and productivity by 20%.


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Job History

Solutions Partner/Consultant/Facilitator
FL, United States
January 2018 - present

Kinetic Edge Consultants
CEO/Principal Customer Experience Consultant
Tampa, United States
January 2015 - present

Neiman Marcus
Vice President
Boca Raton, FL, United States
September 2011 - April 2014

Neiman Marcus
Vice President
Tampa, FL, United States
November 2008 - September 2011

Honors and Awards

Customer Service Store of the Year

Four Star Performance Award

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