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I am the Customer Experience Head of UniCredit Bank Hungary, Managing Director. Previously I worked as a Freelance Consultant in Brand and Customer Experience. Between 2013-2021 I was  the Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, part of the Senior Management Team of Budapest Bank, former GE Capital, Hungary. I have over 25 years of experience in brand marketing, customer marketing and customer experience, managing global and local brands and background in both B2B and B2C roles. I have a deep knowledge of a wide range of industrial sectors too. My key qualities include a true enjoyment of developing strategies, or putting a fresh face on an already established brand. I am a big believer of the thought ’Customer First’, that mindset I mastered during the many years I spent as a senior leader in the Central-European Organisation of Unilever. Later in GE Capital and Budapest Bank I expanded my belief with putting employees in the forefront too.

To top up my enthusiasm and experience in this field,  I managed to become a CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) in July 2018. In the past 3 years I am listed in the top 50 marketing professionals in Hungary.



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