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Oak Creek, WI


I’m an innovator and inquisitive, the idea guy who asks “What's missing?”, "What if we tried... " or “Is there a better way?” but I’m also am able to solve practical problems and get things done. Because I have a natural tendency to develop plans and be prepared, you can rely on me to reduce the unknowns, assess probabilities and prevent chaos. I enjoy a good challenge, being on the leading edge, exploring possibilities and building a vision.

My approach is to research, analyze, peel back layers and find truths to introduce data and tell the story to be considered when solving problems, identifying opportunities, developing strategies and making decisions within a business.

In a business to business relationship, I enjoy conducting market & competitive research and uncovering sales & performance trends to identify opportunities and support decisions. Decisions not just based on data, but made with a holistic view of various pieces of information and perspectives.

In a customer direct relationship, I ultimately want to connect consumers to a brand in a meaningful way to address motivators and barriers, using personas, the customer journey and touch-point analysis to cater to and take care of the customer. If that is done successfully, the other pieces will fall into place.

I have a passion for the customer experience both in personal and professional life. Everywhere I go I'm checking out how businesses execute on their experience whether it be on the phone or in-person interactions to see where they nailed it or where the gaps are. It's in these moments of truth that direct our compass and impact our perceptions of the world and who we interact with.

Delight the customer, remove their barriers and pain points and you're already way ahead of much of your competition. Companies and brands who focus on the experience will win.

Strengths Finder: Input, Analytical, Achiever, Discipline, Deliberative