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Yeah, he went to school for Architecture but as life will have it, he deviated from that narrative's prologue. 

James is a CX professional who has adapted his design-training in architecture to enhance the end-to-end product as experienced by customers. Currently, as Customer Engagement & Retention Strategist, James tunes the Customer Journey at My Alarm Center through design and execution of internal and external process enhancements, and he loves it.  

Initially working as a Project Manager, James' ability to ideate and be an advocate for the customer enabled a pivot to a Customer Experience role for the Product Development Team. His desire to learn horizontally helps, too. If you know something he doesn't, he will give you his full attention until he can help find a way to do it better for the team and the customer.  

While at Direct Energy Solar, James developed and implemented a new process to obtain customer feedback throughout the customer journey, enabling NPS to increase from 50% to 63%. Additionally, by identifying and leading projects specific to how the team manages installations, he was able to improve revenue velocity by 7% while overseeing a stable 3x growth of the project team.

As for hobbies, apparently, infographics are still cool. James is a master of Salesforce-based reporting and creating beautiful displays of information to communicate actionable data to customer-facing teams. Turning data into pattern never gets old.