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A CX Professional with over 15 years experience in customer-impacting organization ranging from sales operations, marketing, digital web analytics, quantitative and qualitative sales and CX analytics, customer experience project management, and customer experience program management.

Currently a product marketing manager for NICE System's one of their customer experience analytics platform, Total Voice of the Customer.

Previous CX experience includes developing, implementing an enterprise global CX program at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a CX Program Manager and Customer Advocate at Staples. Prior to being bitten by the CX bug, held finance, sales analytics, contract management, pricing and sales program management roles at Boston Scientific. 

Passionate about using cutting edge technology to listen, measure, and improve the customer experience.

Based in Boston suburbs and loyal fan of the Boston Red Sox, and all things of Boston origins including but not limited to Boston Clam Chowder. 

Graduate of Babson College's MBA program with undergrad from Boston University.