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A certified Customer Experience Professional. I have over 18 years of combined experience in top management position. I was instrumental in setting up the research and consulting team during my time as the COO at CFS West Africa Ltd, where I managed several survey and research projects. Given my past exposures, I have developed top-notch people management skills that have earned me the opportunity to both develop and manage diverse functional teams in different capacity. Currently, I am the Managing Director / CEO of CFS West Africa where I am responsible for (but not limited to) business development, strategic management, and organisational management, as well as driving strategic growth and international exposure.

I joined CFS West Africa in July 2007 as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) where I assisted the CEO in managing the firm. I was in charge of state-wide operations and back end functions. Also, I headed the consulting arm of the company. A First Class graduate with honours from the Nigeria’s premier university, University of Ibadan where I also hold a Master of Arts Degree in Classical Studies.

As the Managing Director / CEO at CFS West Africa, Rolu Adebola has the natural ability of a leader with focus on people management and development. He is very articulate, versatile, and dedicated to his job. Moreover, he has a very high aptitude for higher knowledge and goal oriented.

I need help with 2 areas in my CX journey:

1. CX Consulting practice development
As the head of a firm focused on providing CX services within a geographical space with near zero awareness (and adoption) I am interested in tips and assistance for getting wider adoption of and patronage of CX services. These services include:
a. Advisory Engagements
b. Research and Thought Leadership
c. VOC Platforms implementation

2. CX Discipline pioneering within a geographical space
As a pioneer within a geographical space (West Africa), I am interested in driving adoption of Customer Experience as a professional discipline and also adoption of the service by organizations who have low awareness of what CX is and how it can impact their businesses. In this respect, I am interested in strategies for driving adoption and any other resource or assistance that can help with this.

CFS West Africa Limited
Our company is a small B2B service company but our clients are typically B2C. Hence, we require more competence related to B2C companies as much of what we learn or need is for our clients.


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