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Chardon, OH


Part entrepreneur, part performer, part innovator, part client experience specialist…I have a passion for working collaboratively to design and deliver world class experiences.


I have over 9 years working in the experience industry, from management to business ownership. I currently work as a Client Experience Process Engineer on the Client Success Effectiveness Team at KeyCorp where I use my skills in project management and client experience to design and implement process improvement initiatives identified by client and employee feedback. In addition to my role at Key, I sit at the Chief Financial Officer for my entrepreneurial venture Schossler Enterprises where I partner with the CEO and management team to develop strategy and maintain financial wellness.


I am deeply passionate about designing, along with implementing, new and innovative projects.


Previously, I worked at Hyland for about 4 years both as a Customer Experience Project Coordinator and as the Research & Development Events Manager. While working for such a wonderful company, I found my enthusiasm centered around education and empowerment of my fellow employees.

For my enterprise, I briefly sat as the Chief Entertainment Officer where I helmed our overall company strategy and targets.


If you catch me outside of work, I am an avid reader, personal fitness enthusiast, and explorer. I love to travel, and currently own an RV which my wife and I hope to adventure in.


I also love meeting new people over a cup of coffee. Feel free to reach out at or send me a direct message.


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