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I have 20 years experience in sales and marketing in the software industry. I've been doing some aspect of CX work for nearly 15 years and have experienced the maturity of CX practices and thought leadership in recent years.

Changes at my organization are providing opportunities to develop and utilize CX practices and programs for in-market and new market business. We've been able to make more progress in the past year than we've made in the previous 3-5, but progress has been what I call 'grass roots'. A few months ago a CX strategy team was formed and I'm the leader. I now have the opportunity to set a more strategic and impactful plan to help the organization meet its business goals through greater customer focus and centricity.

I am CX certified and have gained experience through a number of initiatives, but I am now positioned to take CX to a higher level and would appreciate the ability to share ideas and get input from a seasoned CX professional with B2B experience -- preferably in the software or technology industry.

Outside of work I enjoy outdoor activities, love to cook, I volunteer with Boy Scouts, I'm exercise and health conscious, and have been developing mindfulness and meditation skills.

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