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Now is a great time to join your peers! Become part of the only global professional association dedicated to advancing the practice of customer experience management. The CXPA is built on member-to-member sharing. We believe everyone has something to share -- so share what you can, and learn from others too. 

For only $225 annually, CXPA offers you many benefits including: 

Professional & Career Development

Earn recognition that supports advancement opportunities

Strengthen your CX knowledge and get external validation

Be identified as a CX leader

Develop connections with other CCXPs

Get individualized counsel and advice from a fellow CXPA member mentor.

Help develop another CXPA member’s CX career by Serving as a mentor.

Help members find their next job, colleague, or employee

Support CXPA members and CCXPs in finding employment opportunities

Help advance CX through collaborative effort

Develop and deepen professional relationships with dedicated CX pros

Bolster your career and consulting position

CX Content & Thought Leadership

Community-developed, consensus resources to support CX professionals

Over 120 authors and reviewers

Save time and avoid recreating the wheel by accessing sample CX documents, policies and materials

Build CX knowledge by accessing quality learning programs and resources

Help members find reliable, independent trusted resources on CX topics

Opportunity to be positioned as a thought leader on an issue by serving as a Topic Guide.

Save time and focus by reading curated CX content from CXPA, Members, Sponsors and the CX community delivered weekly via customized email newsletter.

Networking & Camaraderie 

Get practical advice on your CX questions and challenges from fellow CXPA members in a safe, respectful environment. 

Keep up with CX industry conversations.

Have conversations of interest with a pre-qualified audience in a safe environment

Build new connections with those who have a common CX passion/CXPA connection and stay connected with other CXPA members

Connect to other CXPA members in your region and develop professional relationships.

Gain stature and leadership experience as a Network leader, as well as opportunities to network with other CXPA leaders.

Additional Benefits

Show off your CXPA membership and/or your CCXP certification on LinkedIn and your email signature with digital badges.

Save money on CCXP certification, online courses and more with members-only discounts.

Demonstrate thought leadership

Build personal brand