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The UAE CXPA Network is a local community of CX professionals to connect, learn, and share ideas and best practices with each other. The UAE has very special mix of divergent nationalities that contribute across a multitude of sectors & practice functions. Accordingly, curating customer experiences for a diversified client mix by a widely heterogeneous workforce is in itself a very unique challenge.

We welcome you to stay connected in this online space and actively participate with ideas and recommendations, questions or CX challenges you are facing & especially the ones more pertinent to the UAE & this region. With this network, our endeavor is to have a platform where fellow CX professionals can come together to share & learn, as a CX community. We've all had our bit of CX challenges & made mistakes, so why not come onboard & help another colleague learn from your experience & avoid that mistake. 

As such, we've outlined 4 key pillars that will drive the purpose of having this community:

  1. Increase CXPA awareness & highlight the skills that CCXPs (Certified Customer Experience Professionals) have & the added value they bring to companies who are looking at advancing their CX journey
  2. Support the CX community - For the Members, By the Members.
  3. Curate Local Content & discuss strategies effective for the UAE to grow as a CX mature nation
  4. Advance the CX profession & ensure that CX is seen as an established profession while CX practitioners get the appreciation they deserve in line with the CXPA definition: "A CX professional is a catalyst who enhances an organization's results by understanding, designing, and improving experiences across the entire customer relationship."

We can’t wait to welcome you at our next event and thank you for being a part of the UAE CXPA Network!

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  • CXPA Network Event 15 Feb 2021

    It is time for CXPA Network to gather for the first time in 2021!

    This meeting will provide you a great opportunity to get the know the members better through 3 quick 1on1 networking sessions, enjoy and learn from our exciting keynote speaker (to be announced) and win some amazing prizes!

    Quiz prizes:

    1. Annual CXPA Membership
    2. "Customer Experience" The book by 22 CX professionals
    3. "Customer Experience" The book by 22 CX professionals
    Check the agenda on the link and see you on the 15th!

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