How to Celebrate CX Day on October 4th

By Nicole DuMont posted 08-25-2022 03:29 PM

There’s no more exciting time to be a CX professional than CX Day, a global celebration recognizing innovation and successes in the customer experience industry. This year, our 10th year celebrating CX Day, we're rolling out the purple and orange carpet to deliver you a bevy of virtual festivities to help connect you with the global CX community, strengthen your CX knowledge, celebrate great customer experience, and have fun! Whether you are just curious about CX, new to the field, or a seasoned vet, find a comfortable seat, and tuck in! 

Begin your planning now by heading over to to download our graphics for this year's theme, CX DRIVES SUCCESS, and sign up to receive even more tools, resources, and updates on CX Day webinars and celebrations both globally and near you. The theme spotlights how customer experience strategy powers better results for consumers, employees, organizations, and the world.

Kick off your morning right by wishing the CX world a happy CX Day and being a part of our CX Day Global Good Morning, an on-demand greeting and fresh take on the state of CX from a CXPA member in your region. Now, more than ever, people desire to see and connect beyond the limited confines of their homes or office.  Global Good morning videos share the energy and excitement of our diverse, global community.  It is simple to record and submit a Global Good Morning Video, and we will feature these videos and content in a variety of ways.

Ease into your lunch break by joining us on our 12:00 PM ET live stream to celebrate impact, innovation, and emerging leader award winners. You won't want to miss hearing about the launch of our "Strengthening CX Together" series and CXPA's Book of Knowledge, a global effort to catalog consensus-based practices around our core competencies. 

Throughout the day, celebrate as an organization by sharing organization-wide messages or videos celebrating your customers and expressing the importance of CX. Celebrate as a CX Team by offering acknowledgment from the C-Suite for the work of the CX team and reflecting on the progress on CX metrics. Celebrate as a practitioner by joining a virtual CX Day event and participate on social media using the hashtag #cxday
We here at CXPA love explaining CX to others and we know you do, too. CX Day provides us with a great opportunity to let the world know who we are, what we do, and why it matters. We even love explaining CX to our kids...

Finally, raise a glass of your favorite beverage as a toast to all CX professionals working to make a difference in the CX world. We are so excited to celebrate with you!


 P.S.  Looking for more ideas for celebrating CX Day?  Here's a recent podcast interview between CXPA member Stacy Sherman and CXPA CEO Greg Melia:

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09-07-2022 04:08 PM

I love CX Day! It's my tradition to follow the sun by attending as many of the online sessions as possible. It's a great way to make new friends! Thanks to the CXPA staff and volunteer committees for planning so many wonderful CX Day resources. Continuing the awesome theme from last year as a way of life we can all benefit from, consider celebrating your team's progress with a CX Team Sport Award, which I'll announce on CX Day.