CXPA Encourages Organizations to be Supportive of Employee Mental Health

By Greg Melia CAE posted 23 days ago


There is no doubt that employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) are inextricably linked. Without happy, trained, and supported employees, it is unlikely that customers will receive consistent levels of service that create and maintain a positive perception of an organization. 

One aspect of employee experience that may not receive sufficient attention is employee mental health.  According to the American Psychological Association, the world is facing a mental health crisis.  APA’s 2022 Stress in America poll found that nearly “two-thirds of adults (63%) said their life has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.”  Other stressors include rising prices, supply chain issues, global uncertainty, and political instability related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  (As I wrote in March, CX professionals may be particularly at risk for stress and mental health challenges.)

While care for mental health has been regarded as a personal, familial or government responsibility in the past, the APA reports that “87% of employees think their employers can take actions that will improve their mental health.”  It has developed the Striving for mental health excellence in the workplace program to encourage employers to make a public commitment to shift their workplace culture to become more supportive of positive employee mental health. 

CXPA is proud to be among the first signatory organizations in this effort.  We encourage CX professionals to share this program with your CEO or senior leadership and ask that your organization also becomes a signatory to show a commitment to strive for mental health excellence in your organization. By doing so, you will show your commitment publicly and also get access to examples from other organizations that have taken successful steps forward as well as advice that your organization can consider to be supportive of positive employee mental health.

I hope to see many CXPA members support this important program.  Learn more and sign up today at

Greg Melia, CAE


P.S. While the initiative is sponsored by the American Psychological Association, international signatories are welcome too, with early supporters from Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Namibia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and United Arab Emirates.