By Amit Gupta CCXP posted 07-25-2021 02:15 AM

Does your team speak Awesomease?

Never heard of Awesomease? 🤔

Well, here you go then… 

Every now and then we all experience a product or a service that puts your mind at ease by simply being awesome. We love the experience so much, that we go around town talking about it. We share it with family, friends, colleagues, social network, and our pets (Who doesn’t talk to their pets?).

I call this interaction language “Awesomease”. A language every customer understands and appreciates naturally.

I would be preaching to the choir if I said, a great experience leads to a boost in loyalty levels, improved customer satisfaction, positive behaviors, and profits.

The Ten Tenets of Brands That Speak Awesomease

Pay Attention 

The worst thing you could do to your customer is to not pay attention to them when they are trying to engage with you. Distraction acts as a Kryptonite in every relationship, especially with customers. Attentive listening / observation skills communicate your interest and passion towards customer success. Brands that are well-versed in Awesomease, pay attention to detail and reap rewards in the form of higher engagement.

Growth Mindset

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”

Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corporation, 1977

A fixed mindset spells doom in one word, whereas a growth mindset reflects that there is always an opportunity to improve and grow. Brands that demonstrate a Growth Mindset are Agile and live through Perennial Chrysalis.

Speak Positive

A healthy mind does not speak ill of others. The same is the case with brands and teams that speak Awesomease. They don’t go around comparing themselves with competition. They focus on themselves and build a reputation through their positivity. Strong teams don’t put others down, instead they lift others up.

Have Found Their Mojo
‘Mojo’ is defined as a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy. Brands and teams that speak Awesomease have found their Mojo and are at ease with it. Mojo comes through genuine enthusiasm and introspection of your strengths and aspirations. In my opinion, teams that are at peace with their Mojo are considered as the best Dojo ( I had to slip in a Cobra Kai slang).

Build Relationships
Everyone has favorites and we go the extra mile to demonstrate our loyalty. Ever waited at the Salon longer and let go of your turn because you wanted to be attended by a particular stylist? Why do we do that? Is it just because the stylist is the best? Well, most often, everyone at the Salon might be at par in terms of skills, but our brain differentiates between stylists based on how they made you feel when you were last served by them. It starts with petty talk about weather, food, family, cars and pretty much anything. They listen, give advice and build a human bond. Hair Dressers can be Therapists and Magicians too.

Fail Graciously
If you make a mistake and you realize that you made a mistake, accept it, apologize and try to fix it.
If you make a mistake and someone else informs you that you are going wrong, there is a good chance, you might feel like resisting. You may or may not agree. However, remember you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. If you are not convinced that you faltered, make an attempt to fact check and address it as politely as you can. Brands and Teams that speak Awesomease treat failure as an opportunity to improve and don’t act as sore losers.
Be Ambitious & Aspirational

When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Paulo Coelho

In spite of this “Secret” being around for so long, this is mysteriously still a Secret for many. Being content with what you have is good but applicable for short term and in the moment experiences. Ambition & Aspiration brings vision and a sense of direction. Brands and teams that speak Awesomease are cautious with this spice, and moderate it occasionally because lack or excess of this duo can leave a bad after taste.

Get Onstage
Brands and teams that speak Awesomease get onstage to deliver a remarkable and memorable experience. Their fuel is engagement and motivation is customer applause.

A company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customers in a way that creates a memorable event.

Joe Pine & James Gilmore

Every product and service has an opportunity to get on stage and build life time value or be at risk of being commoditized.

Rehearse Well

This is my opportunity to throw in another Cobra Kai reference. Practice builds muscle memory and helps you master the art of speaking Awesomease. There is discipline and lots of unlearning involved, however a well rehearsed experience brings stability and a seamless etch into customer memories.
Remember, your Customers can hear you smile through the phone. It doesn’t cost you anything and sets you up for success. You can not speak Awesomease without a smile.

I hope you liked this post and smiled along the way. I look forward to read your comments below 👇 

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