6 A's of Customer Experience ROI

By Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP posted 03-12-2024 06:00 AM


For CX ROI, I use 6 A's in everything I do for customer experience and employee experience. It doesn’t make sense to ask them for inputs, do nothing about their feedback, and then ask them to engage with your brand. 

Your internal stakeholders need your facilitation for them to Absorb and Adopt and Apply customer insights to what they're doing. It's not adding something to their plates. It's tweaking what they're already doing: more timely, better decisions, adjusting their process, double-checking accuracy. 

"Ask" is the starting point . You already have information overload from customers. Use what you have. 

Customers already paid fair market value for what they got, so you need to make it worthwhile for them to strengthen their relationship with you.

Employees’ whole existence (salaries, budgets, profits) relies on customers choosing your brand.

Accordingly, employees must engage in "Absorbing" the findings from what you "Asked" customers. Absorb means employees stand in customers’ shoes and see the world as customers see it.  

Next, employees must "Adopt" responsibility and urgency to improve customers’ world.

This leads to "Applying" what was learned to a root cause action plan.

Finally, you should engage employees in joint decisions about how to drive "Accountability" for the action plan, and how to "Applaud" progress and completion.

CX ROI is a means you're generating changes that customers will continually reward. These 6 A's are your path to sustained CX ROI.

Have you experimented with the 6 A's? Please share your experiences in the Comments below!

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