Does 'CX Drives Success' Rely on 'CX is a Team Sport'?

By Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP posted 09-21-2022 02:59 PM


I love the CX Day theme of 2021: CX is a Team Sport! What does this really mean? Reflecting the trust crisis between organizations and both employees and customers (Great Migration/Reshuffle, shrinkflation, lower CX trends in ACSI / CX Index, and so on), "CX is a Team Sport" is an imperative well beyond the CX roles pulling together. This year's CX Day theme, CX Drives Success, depends to a great extent on managing CX as a Team Sport.

Consider this graphic, depicting roles within an organization as players in futbol (soccer):


What this graphic means to me, is every player is needed for good customer experience. Any player's mis-step can give the competition an advantage, and even lose the game. Likewise, any role in an organization can mess up what customers experience.

This analogy is so powerful, because it opens our eyes to the parallels between all types of experience management: customer, employee, and partner. Ultimately, good or poor experience = realities/perceptions vs. expectations. Interestingly, EX and PX ratios have a domino-effect on CX.


ROI of CX, EX, and PX relies on meeting or exceeding this ratio
. Whenever realities as experienced by these 3 vital stakeholder groups is less than expectations, it drives costs up, and it reduces productivity and growth. A fundamental truth for revenue ops, sales ops, marketing ops, CFOs, COOs, CEOs, and investors! This is the ultimate goal for CX Drives Success.

Let's continue this analogy -- CX is a Team Sport -- as an ongoing way of life. It will never go out of style, because it is a true principle. Accordingly, we need to shift gears in EX, PX, and CX, to spend at least 50% of our energy and resources on driving every group's engagement in preventing issues for employees, partners, and customers.

CX Baseball
How are you driving a 1-to-1 ratio between realities and expectations for customers, employees, and partners?

Celebrate your team's progress in making CX a team sport! You gave it a lot of attention in last year's CX Day celebrations. Enter the CX Team Sport Awards, which will be announced in a Zoom webinar on Wednesday, the 2nd of November.


What does "CX is a Team Sport" mean to you?

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