Are You a Dolphin or Goose as a CX Meme?

By Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP posted 09-07-2022 04:03 PM


A CX meme is a semi-humorous symbol or characterization of what it feels like to be in a CX role. Considering our CX Day theme "CX Drives Success", what kinds of animal symbolism come to mind to inspire higher achievements in CX driving corporate success?

A dolphin represents intelligent agility. Our organizations and customers need this with rapidly changing situations as a continuing fact of life beyond the pandemic. Aesop's goose laying golden eggs represents "CX Drives Success". Is your CX team a dolphin or a goose?

Value of CX roles can greatly increase by adopting the dolphin and goose CX memes. They expand the vision of "CX is a Team Sport" which was our recent CX Day theme. These memes shift CX from value-rescuing, standalone customer touchpoints to value-creating, all-employee ownership of superior customer experience. 

What do you think of this vision for CX driving success?

DOLPHIN, INSPIRING ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY — Tempers Turnover & Nurtures Nimbleness
Increase trust through enterprise use of insights: growth activities and re-engineering based on CX insights.
Facilitate company-wide behaviors:Dolphin: CX Agility

  • Re-charter your CX steering committee to reduce silos.
  • Foster a customer lifetime value mindset throughout your firm.
  • Position your CX/CS team as facilitators of everyone’s ownership of customer experience performance.
  • Maximize actioning on customer insights. (We had 100+ teams working on CX improvements every year, through workshops aimed at the 2 top key drivers of loyalty for every business unit, and their bonus based on their action plan’s progress.)
  • Embed customer insights as the basis for every growth plan, process re-engineering, policy adjustment, cost-containment, approval, development, review, and accolade. This will ensure your clout, strategic impact, camaraderie, and indispensable value.
  • Increase your joy as the dolphin of organizational agility.

Increase trust through customer-centered action: CX data and metrics inspire resolution of CX issue root causes.
Facilitate company-wide behaviors: 
Goose: CX Golden Eggs

  • Engage managers in preventing issue occurrence.
  • Redirect managers’ attention to customer-inspired cost savings.
  • Show them how much churn you’re preventing, quantified by customer acquisition costs and continued lifetime value.
  • Increase your joy as the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Like a picture says a thousand words, a CX meme stimulates new heights in our self-image, career potential, and sphere of influence. 

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To celebrate your team's progress in any of the areas listed in this article, enter the CX Team Sport Awards, which will be announced on CX Day.