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2016 CXPA MIE Using Customer Emotions

By Jim Rembach posted 03-31-2016 08:49 AM


Using the Forbidden Fruit of Customer Emotion to Fulfill Their Fantasies is going to be a shagadelic session. Come and join the fun at the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Member Insight Exchange (CXPA MIE).

I decided to harness the energy and excitement of the Hump Day Hoedown on the Fast Leader Show and take it to the stage as Aiden “Emotional” Powers for this Thought Leader Breakout session. It’s Aiden’s debut event and maybe his only appearance (so make sure you come see him).


I’ve had a blast doing my research for this high (emotional) energy infotainment-type presentation. We all know that customer experiences are all about emotions, so why have an analytical left-brained presentation about emotion (boring)? We want innovation and creativity. Bring on Aiden! Yeah Baby!

Even the session description was one that I had fun with. It’s filled with innuendo and not so politically correct messaging. Why? Because it ignites people to love it or hate it. Either way it’s better than apathy. Bring on the emotion! It’s the spice of life.

Check out the session description and share your comments on the session description below.

Using the Forbidden Fruit of Customer Emotion to Fulfill Their Fantasies

Is it taboo or a sin? Really? We can agree that everybody loves emotion; especially the positive emotions like true and lasting love, friendship and trust.

EMOTIONS ARE WHAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS ALL ABOUT! We want more good emotions and less bad emotions because it affects our ability to perform.

So why do so many organizations avoid or ignore improving their skills and knowledge in understanding and using customer emotions? Is it political correctness (PC) gone amok? Is it because of the emotionally stoic lawyers and accountants (AKA – the emotionally dead) that run many companies? Oh my goodness, was that PC?

The fact is, we must influence and evoke our most desired customer behaviors. They want it!
It’s time for you to learn how to do that with Empathy Mapping, an important tool that goes beyond Journey Mapping. Add this to your arsenal and “get busy” with emotions. Clothing optional.

You will learn the behind the curtain secrets of what makes this tool so seductive for customer experience performance. And a very important secret that unlocks its full potency.

Empathy Mapping will help you to improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Individuals that are higher in EQ make more money and have more success. So do organizations that are more emotionally intelligent.

Learn why after doing a Journey Mapping activity and then completing an Empathy Mapping activity, one participant said,

“We have never uncovered insights like this before.”

Now is your opportunity to learn how to reveal your ass-et in customer experience. EMOTIONS BABY!

Join this session if you want to learn:

  • Why a journey is like a partner’s headache.
  • Why a moment of truth is like a one-night-stand.
  • The intimate secrets to leverage Emotional Intelligence and the Power of Persuasion.
  • Why only the pretty companies have all of the fun.
  • Seven elements that will reduce your chance of striking out.
  • A self-assessment that helps you identify if you’ll get lucky.


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