2021 CCXP Advisory Committee Update

By J.C. Paradise posted 12-13-2021 04:35 PM


With the end of 2021, I would like to give an update on what the CCXP Advisory Committee has been up to for the last three years. But first, I would like to recognize two CCXP Advisory Committee members who have contributed greatly to our success this year as they transition off the committee.
Amy Shioji, CCXP

Amy brought extensive business insights and experience at both the strategic and tactical implementation of Customer Experience within an organization. Her many roles as a senior CX leader for enterprise-size companies was critical in pushing our team to imagine “what could be” as the CCXP Exam organization evolved from a highly effective “start-up” into a scaled-up, disciplined organization to better serve our global customers, the CCXP’s.

Amy has been concurrently serving on both the CCXP Advisory Committee and the CXPA Board of Directors. As she leaves the CCXP Committee at year end, she will assume a new role as CXPA Treasurer and member of the Executive Committee.

Annette Hoeher, CCXP

Annette joined the CCXP as one of our first members from outside the United States. Located in Germany, Annette was instrumental in supporting our CCXP globalization and inclusion efforts. She ensured that the customer experience perspectives of the hospitality industry and the unique EU markets were front and center during all CCXP planning and development discussions.

While Annette transitions off the CCXP Advisory Committee, she will remain very active into 2022 with an ongoing role on the CCXP Appeals Committee.

On January 1, 2022, I will be stepping away from the role as Chair - CCXP Advisory Committee that I have proudly held for the past three years. I want to take this opportunity to recognize the amazing CCXP Advisory Committee members that I have had the privilege to work with and to note just some of the accomplishments we have achieved.

CCXP Advisory Committee Members: 2019 - 2021

  • Michelle Yaiser, CCXP - Committee Member
  • Stacey Nevel, CCXP – Committee Member
  • Amy Shioji, CCXP – Committee Member
  • Nick Batt, CCXP – Committee Member
  • Annette Hoeher, CCXP - Committee Member
  • Darin Byrne, CCXP - Committee Member
  • J.C Paradise, CCXP - Committee Chair

CCXP Exam Quality and Security

  • Completed the first major update of the CCXP exam blueprint to reflect the latest CX body of knowledge and best practices from CX professionals globally.
  • Implemented the choice for CCXP candidates to remotely take the CCXP exam at a time and place that best meets their needs.
  • Implemented the first non-English language CCXP exam: French. This will be followed in the future by other languages to reflect the global nature of the CX profession.

CCXP Organizational Maturity and Performance

  • Total global CCXP’s increased from 793 to 1,305, a 65% increase!
  • CCXP Program Operations Best Practices Initiative: This comprehensive multi-year improvement process has reviewed our program and certification industry standards to help formalize the CCXP purpose, strategy, structure, policies, procedures and governance rules to ensure efficiency, transparency, diversity, integrity, fairness, and effectiveness in every aspect of the CCXP program. The overall review has been completed and ongoing monitoring and improvement practices will be instituted.
  • Revised and updated the CCXP Renewal process and requirements, the CCXP continuing education process and marketing collateral and communications.
  • Established the sub-committees listed below staffed by volunteer CCXP’s from around the world to improve the speed of decision making and deliver more and higher quality services and support to the CCXP community.
    • Making the Most of the CCXP Journey o (CCXP) Application Reviewers
    • Life as a CCXP o (CCXP Exam) Item Writing Committee
    • (CCXP) Exam Resource Guide
    • (CCXP) Item Writing Committee
    • (CCXP) Examination Committee
    • (CCXP) Appeals Committee
These improvements and others not listed here have all helped the CCXP Advisory Committee improve the management of the CCXP program and make the leap from a well-functioning start-up to become a disciplined yet flexible organization that can now deliver greater value to our ultimate customers…the CCXP’s.

I am very confident that Stacey Nevel, CCXP, the new 2022 Chair - CCXP Advisory Committee will lead further improvements and changes to ensure the CCXP credential becomes even more widely recognized globally and in every industry as the “Gold Standard” for Customer Experience professionals.

JC Paradise, CCXP
Chair, CCXP Advisory Committee