Key Factors For Evaluating Certification: 3 Reasons the CCXP is Different From the Rest

By J.C. Paradise,CCXP posted 14 days ago


Professional business certifications have been around for years. They exist for quality improvement, change management, project management, and numerous technical systems and applications. Employees use them to provide evidence of hard-earned skills and capabilities that can be leveraged into promotions and new jobs. Employers like them because they provide independent “proof” that someone can actually do what they claim without having to conduct their own testing.

Within the customer experience field, there are a multitude of certificates, degrees, and diplomas all claiming to “Make you a Customer Experience Expert”. The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential stands out from all this marketing noise as the only industry-wide, standardized customer experience credential that is recognized by businesses on every continent (except perhaps Antarctica).

The CCXP credential has become the globally recognized “Gold Standard” because of 3 factors:

  1. The CCXP exam is un-biased. It does not test for mastery of any specific customer experience (CX) training course, book or methodology.
  2. The CCXP exam is a consensus-driven assessment created by global leaders within the CX field. It evaluates an individual’s CX knowledge, skills and competencies based on their actual cross-functional business work experience.
  3. The CCXP is more than just a course or exam. To earn the CCXP, candidates must have at least three years of well-rounded experience in CX. Once earned, the credential must be maintained by ongoing continuing education

Because the CCXP exam is a robust, experienced-based CX knowledge assessment, business leaders can be confident that a candidate possessing the CCXP credential, possesses the breadth of CX experiences and skills necessary to take on a leadership role, whether the business is just starting their CX journey or is seeking to competitively differentiate themselves by offering customers even better CX performance than they do today.

As with any good organization, the CCXP Advisory Committee is always pursuing continuous improvement or Kaizen. In July of this year, we implemented the option of taking the CCXP Exam from the comfort of home or office through an online remote proctor. We are currently conducting a “CX Job Analysis” project to identify emerging new CX best practices in use by professionals globally that should become part of the exam. Since the CCXP exam is a consensus-driven assessment, any current CCXP is enthusiastically invited to provide their input to improve the CCXP Exam. Below are a few ways current CCXP’s can make a difference:

  • Participate in the Job Analysis Survey that is assessing the potential new exam topics (the survey is presently in the field through September 30, 2020).
  • Volunteer for the committee that will write the actual exam questions to assess the new practices, skills, and competencies being added to the revised CCXP exam.
  • Serve on the committee that will be responsible for reviewing, editing and testing of the final CCXP exam

If you are interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities or are a CX professional and would like to learn more about becoming a CCXP, please contact: Adrienne Bryant, CAE, Director, CCXP Program,  or get all the details here.

Together in advancing CX,



J.C. Paradise, CCXP Chair,

CCXP Advisory Committee