Bridging the Gap: Emily Vernon, CCXP, Discusses CXPA's Newest Resource Integrating CX and DE&I

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 11-09-2023 04:21 PM


"When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, we have to find the right focus and approach to make it something that is doable within the organization,” said Emily Vernon, CCXP, executive editor of “Building Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into a Customer Experience Ecosystem,” CXPA’s latest publication for CX professionals. While publications on DEI within businesses abound, there was a dearth of material that effectively intertwined DEI principles with the core tenets of customer experience. According to Vernon, the publication serves as a pioneering effort to merge the principles of DEI with the broader CX framework. “We saw that there was a gap in terms of a publication that’s built on what’s already started, whether it's the Book of Knowledge or the Effective Collaboration series,” she said.

CX as a Gateway to Dignity

For Vernon, DEI isn't merely an acronym; it symbolizes dignity. “We want to make sure that people are able to participate in any business activity without feeling a sense of otherness, because there is literally no value, whether personal or business, to otherness,” she said. Implementing DEI within the context of CX is no small feat, and the publication recognizes the vast scope of CX

responsibilities and the need for focused resources to make DEI initiatives actionable. It serves as a guide for CX professionals, helping them navigate the intricacies of incorporating DEI into their strategies and overall organizational ecosystem.

A Collaborative Process

“As we created the teams, we wanted to make sure that we had a diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and locations, going into this." The publication brought together CXPA members from around the world who served as authors, researchers, and peer reviewers to ensure a multitude of experiences, perspectives, and business examples were included in the finished product. With a focus on practical examples that illustrate how organizations and CX professionals have successfully translated DEI principles into tangible actions benefitting customers and the business, the publication is aimed at CX leaders who are seeking to understand how to generate better outcomes for all customers.

Pride in Collaboration and Innovation

 “I was really impressed with how people were able to come together, not only not knowing each other, but able to write a publication on such a complex topic,” Vernon said. She described the team’s ability to overcome challenges, coupled with its dedication and innovative thinking, as a source of pride, noting that the structure of the publication utilizes design elements to create visually compelling blocks of text that accommodate different reading and learning preferences.

Most of all, Vernon sees the publication as a testament to the evolving landscape of CX, where inclusivity is not only encouraged but essential.

Interested in learning more? You can download this publication for free here to gain insights, practical examples, and a roadmap for incorporating DEI principles into the heart of your CX strategies. 

Emily’s complete interview with CXPA’s Gabe Smith, CCXP, is below.