CXPA Members Reflect on 3 Key Questions: Insights from End-of-Year Networking Event

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 12-22-2022 04:13 PM


On Tuesday, December 20th, CXPA members from around the world convened for CXPA Connections 2022, a live networking event that offered members the opportunity to share reflections on 2022, top CX priorities in 2023, and key pieces of advice with their CX peers in small-group breakout rooms.

“In one hour, I got to meet 10 new CCXPs from around the world, get advice for my business challenges, and feel ready for the new year,” said Suzanne Olson, CCXP.

In addition to the networking elements, the event offers members an on-demand first-look at CXPA’s plans for 2023 and reflections on the past year through video conversations with 2023 Chair Tabitha Dunn, CCXP, and 2022 Chair Nancy Porte, CCXP. Members can also watch interviews with authors of CXPA’s publications, including the Book of Knowledge and Effective Collaboration series, as they share key insights from these books (which are available for free online reading for CXPA members at

The on-demand content can be viewed here. And if you missed the live networking, here are a few reflections from CXPA members. The full set of responses across both sessions can be found in CXPA’s Member Resource Library.

As you reflect on 2022, what is a CX accomplishment of which you are proud?

“Building a three-year roadmap for our largest segment of customers.”

Book of Knowledge contribution. Having CX in almost every strategic meeting this year.”

“Understanding and respect for CX in the Middle East.”

“Earning the CCXP!”

“A major shift to the C-Suite talking actively about CX and aligning corporate goals and KPIs to CX.”

As you look ahead to 2023, what is a top CX priority for you?

“Better use of customer insights data from multiple sources and analytics to produce digestible and meaningful business recommendations.”

“Connecting CX to digital and operations—leading across the organization.”

“Demonstrate the value of CX for business owners in a challenging economic and business environment.”

“Having fair and scalable systems for CX management.”

“Building our CX team, implementing a listening strategy and deploying customer engagement training.”

What’s one piece of CX advice you want to share with your peers for 2023?

“Show progress right away. You get to define success, so choose metrics that can show short and long-term progress.”

“Give to get. Figure out ways to help other departments do better so everyone sees value.”

“Don’t try to boil the ocean. Break large long-term goals into smaller, more manageable pieces.”

“Do not invent new CX success metrics. Instead, link the CX work to existing success metrics of Sr. exec business line owners.”

“CX is a long haul. Pace yourself and take care of yourself.”