Inspiring Racial Equity: CXPA Networks Explore How CX Professionals Can Drive Change

By Gabe Smith, CCXP posted 08-25-2020 09:21 AM


"The Civil Rights movement was filled with people who were not only trying to argue for their personhood, but arguing for their personhood through their status of being a customer."

Those words from Professor Gary David, the moderator of a recent live collaboration between the CXPA Atlanta and Boston networks, hit me like a freight train, instantly transforming my perception of the intersectionality of CX and race.woolworths.png

The ensuing conversation among members of an expert panel including Sandra Mathis, CCXP, Stephanie C. Harris, and Thomas Houston offered thought-provoking insight as to how CX professionals can help their organizations drive positive change, and raised a few questions worthy of the thought and consideration of us all:

  • Are customers still arguing for their personhood through their status of being a customer? Are there racial differences in how customers experience your brand?

  • Thomas Houston explains that it’s critical for leaders to examine their implicit biases. What methods do you use to ensure that your CX tools—journey maps, voice of the customer surveys, or employee experience efforts—are free from bias?

  • Thomas explains that CX professionals must help lead the conversation in their organizations around race and inclusion. In what ways is your team helping to lead the conversation, even as you might be, as Thomas says, “learning it yourself?”

We encourage you to take some time to watch this fascinating webinar below. We agree with the member who commented, "This event sets the gold standard for a productive, professional, and civil conversation about a topic that many struggle with.” We also encourage you to join the conversation around these critical questions in CXPA's Diversity & Inclusion Learning and Support Community.