August Online Learning Opportunities

By Gabe Smith,CCXP posted 07-29-2020 04:50 PM


August is upon us!

handshake-3382503_1920.jpgWe hope you’ve been able to relax this summer—whether that’s been spending some socially-distanced time with friends and family, escaping to a remote cabin, or taking a well-deserved break from social media (the CXPA team is of the opinion that it’s a good thing to take a leave of absence from Twitter every once in awhile).

Perhaps you haven’t been able to accomplish all your goals this summer. A little unfinished business can be a good thing. Maybe you’re still grinding—working to become the best CX professional you can be.

We respect that too—and we want to help.

Now You Can Take the CCXP Exam in Your Pajamas

During the COVID-19 pandemic, CXPA’s top priority has been the safety of our staff, our members, and our supporters. As conditions forced test center closures, we began to explore ways that we could empower professionals to take the exam from the safety and convenience of their own homes, do so in a way that would uphold the security and integrity of the exam, and allow candidates to answer challenging questions about the CX discipline while wearing their favorite pair of fuzzy slippers.Greg Melia and cat Lucy

Enter ProMetric’s Pro Proctor solution, which allows online proctors to view candidates remotely as they are taking the exam. Before applying for the test and booking an online session, candidates should first confirm their eligibility to become a CCXP, and should also perform a system check to ensure that their setup is compatible with online testing and remote proctor requirements.

Our team is really excited about this, even as some testing centers around the globe begin to re-open. CXPA’s CEO Greg Melia, CAE--himself a fierce advocate for both cat-cuddling and comfortable work-from-home attire--said it best. “This is one more way that we are advancing our discipline by expanding online professional development opportunities.”

You’ll Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

With apologies to the Fab Four, CXPA’s Recognized Training Providers enter August ready to assist those who want to take the next step in their professional journey, as well as those who are interested in learning more about effective CX practice. Customer Experience Consultancy’s Ian Golding, CCXP, is offering a 2-day CX Masterclass on August 24th and 25th for CX pros in Africa. ClearAction Continuum’s Lynn Hunsaker, CCXP, offers a CCXP online prep course in English and Spanish, and is also offering live webinars each Friday for those interested in learning more. For European CX pros, OmniTouch International’s Daniel Ord, CCXP, is offering a CCXP prep course on August 20th in addition to a wide range of other management and leadership topics. Rajat Chawla, CCXP, offers several CX Mastery Programs for those in Asia—follow him on LinkedIn to learn more. Finally, CX University also offers a variety of on-demand CX resources, including CCXP prep as well as patient experience resources.

When you need somebody (not just anybody), turn to CXPA’s RTPs for help.

CXPA Learning Events

As part of CXPA’s commitment to advancing the community conversation and taking action to become a more welcoming and inclusive association, we’re hosting two town hall meetings on August 4th, and we hope you’ll join us. If you can’t make it to one of the sessions, or if you wish to share your thoughts in advance, please do so here.

We’re practically bursting with excitement at the great webinars we have on tap this month. Have you thought about the role of knowledge management in customer journeys and its impact in creating easier experiences? Our friends at Zendesk are joining us to talk about how to keep your CX agile, impactful, and adaptive to evolving customer preferences.

Why’s it so important to understand your CFO’s mindset? How do we prove what we all know—that CX is, in fact, business critical? Join InMoment’s Erich Dietz as he breaks down this critical topic into specific action steps for you and your CX program.

Local Networks Are Heating Up!

Finally, our local networks have set a high bar on the quality of events they’re offering this month. If you’re a CXPA member who is ready to open yourself up to new levels of creativity and fun, there is some limited availability for our Columbus network’s program “Expanding Your Imagination Through Improv.” Get ready to laugh as Adam Rudder, CEO of Improv4Companies, will help you fire up your imagination and not just think outside the box, but stomp on it.

On August 11th, join the Twin Cities network as they host conversations around how CX leaders are transforming experiences in their organization during the crisis. On the 12th, Our Toronto network will be hosting Kerry Bodine, co-author of the seminal CX Book “Outside In” to discuss the shift from journey mapping to journey management. And on the 14th, CXPA Recognized Training Provider Lynn Hunsaker will be joining our Melbourne network to discuss communication re-skilling post-pandemic to enable better customer interactions.

Check out the CXPA events calendar for a full listing. If you’re a CCXP, just a friendly reminder that you can earn renewal credit from your participation in these activities.

Last but not least, from all of us at CXPA, we appreciate you. We know these aren’t easy times, but we’re inspired and motivated by your commitment to the global community and advancing CX practice in the face of any obstacle.

Until September!