Why your next CX job posting should include “CCXP preferred”

By CXPA Admin posted 05-12-2022 01:32 PM


Great CX results require a strong CX team. If you are looking for self-motivated job applicants that understand customer experience, be sure to include “CCXP preferred” in your next CX job posting. More than four letters after a name, CCXP represents community consensus that the individual has the experience and knowledge to lead or significantly contribute to your organization’s customer experience leadership. CCXP stands for “Certified Customer Experience Professional.” It is granted by the Customer Experience Professionals Association, an independent nonprofit established in 2011.

The CCXP has been designed and developed specifically to identify individuals with relevant professional experience and tested knowledge to be considered for CX leadership positions. The foundation of the program is based on a global survey of the experience and job competencies of actual CX professionals. The five core CX competencies are:

  • Customer Insights and Understanding
  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Metrics, Measurements, and ROI
  • Design, Implementation, and Innovation
  • Culture and Accountability

The CCXP is a reliable, independent indicator to help organizations make better decisions when hiring and promoting. Minimum requirements to apply include:

  • Three years of well-rounded full-time CX experience
  • A post-secondary degree (or equivalency education and experience)
  • Achieving a passing score on a challenging psychometrically valid examination

Most CCXPs significantly exceed these minimum requirements.

Similar to medical licensing and legal Bar exams, the CCXP examination does not require any specific study or course to qualify to take the test. The best preparation for the CCXP is tailored to the candidate’s experience, previous studies, and CX understanding. Most candidates devote significant hours to taking relevant courses, reading materials, and studying individually or in small groups. While no course provider has access to the test content, CXPA has identified CXPA Recognized Training Providers as organizations that have qualifications essential to providing quality training in line with the CXPA Customer Experience framework and helping candidates prepare to earn the CCXP credential. Once earned, the CCXP certification must be maintained by completing ongoing CX professional development.

The CCXP certification has demonstrated benefits. CCXPs report:

  • preparing to earn the certification strengthened their knowledge across the entire CX framework
  • earning the certification gives internal confidence and peer respect for their CX specialization
  • provides a sense of connection and network opportunities to others who have a strong commitment to CX leadership

The CCXP is an increasingly sought-after differentiator. Companies including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Walgreens have posted jobs specifically seeking CCXP candidates. This year, nearly four out of five (79%) job postings on list a CCXP consideration for candidates, including four positions for which CCXP is a requirement.

One CCXP in Brazil recently hired to a new position with a Canadian-based company wrote, “I got the job BECAUSE of the CXPA! I found the job posting in our community and I couldn’t be happier. Always glad to be a member and active participant in our CXPA and CCXP communities.”

CCXPs merit strong consideration for CX leadership roles because they have demonstrated the experience, knowledge, and ongoing commitment to professional advancement established by a consensus research process. While an organization undoubtedly will want to consider a wide range of added factors when hiring and promoting, the CCXP credential can be trusted as an independent, impartial, and reliable indicator of preparedness for CX leadership opportunities.

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