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Unwound and Wound Up at the Customer Experience Professionals Association Insights Exchange

By CXPA Admin posted 05-26-2017 09:47 AM


The US CXPA Insight Exchange in Phoenix proved to be a phenomenal place to relax and gain some awesome CX best-thinking in a beautiful setting!  We were able to connect with our “tribe” and continue build our community of personal and professional cheerleaders and champions. The connections we make at our national and local events sustain and feed us throughout the year with motivation, energy and ideas.

One of our most popular – and most requested – activities at the event is our Unwound Sessions.  These small group sessions allow practitioners to discuss their challenges and share how they solve them.  It’s great to get new ideas that help us all to transform our brands and grow our CX muscle!

Thought you would enjoy some of the thinking and great ideas from the sessions.  Wind up your CX practice!

How do you bring the customer voice to life? 

  • Smaller group surveys – immediately returned to teams
  • Removing numbers and focusing on verbatim
  • Convert customer voice to “what is the impact (so what), the issue, and why does it exist
  • Internal interviews to ID pain points
  • Client highlight/spotlight (video library
  • Workflow process and tools to enable the organization to use the customer data and feedback
  • Showing how efforts align with customer success

What is a good overall measure of CX?

  • Effectiveness “do we deliver on our brand promise”
  • Ease – Level of Effort (LOE) to customers – soliciting feedback “how easy is it to work with us?”
  • Associate/employee engagement (and sharing correlation to NPS and total satisfaction)
  • Use a combo of NPS, CSAT and Level of Effort because each brings its own value
  • Emotional connection, likeability

How do you identify the best places/interactions to measure your customer interactions?

  • Survey customers that move from competitors
  • Support suggestions box – online – all the time
  • Provide high level summary of survey results to survey recipients
  • Executive/client council

What does CX alignment or governance look like in your organization?

  • Sets guardrails, priorities and direction for what CX does and initiatives
  • Sets strategy and drives accountability
  • Identifies resources and permission for them to get things done
  • Include top and middle managers to grow buy-in
  • Create ownership of specific journeys with cross-team leader sponsors

What are the components of successful governance?

  • Clearly defined charter and purpose
  • C-Suite Buy in (clear objectives plus a champion for the cause)
  • Must be cross functional (department and hierarchy)
  • Focus on portfolio management (owns the “golden list” of CX projects)
  • Measure and metric alignment
  • Must have a clear definition of brand/process agreed upon by line of business leaders
  • Ensure responsibilities for all positions is defined and accountability is outlined

How do you measure and impact CX in Business to Business (B2B):

  • People metrics (engaged employees) since B2B is all about the relationship
  • More quantitative measures of how they interact – response rates, feedback from other sources
  • Informing customer of actions taken from their feedback - share what CEO is doing and what we see in our data
  • Defining what the customer measures as success and making sure metrics track to them – how do we add value
  • Creating a community for business to talk to each other – helps a brand see the opportunities
  • Use business reviews (e.g. quarterly) to gather measures and actions

Check out our resources here to see how CX professionals are bringing these ideas to life!


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06-02-2017 06:08 PM

Awesome summary of takeaways! Thanks, Diane!