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By Member, For Member: Hearing Your Priorities

By Annette Franz, CCXP posted 08-13-2020 04:49 PM


“By Member, For Member” is a key CXPA mantra.  It means that CXPA is continually focused on bringing members together to deliver value to the CXPA community. This happens every day across the globe – be it through the CXPA discussion forum, local network events, sharing of content, supporting one another, or the governance work of the CXPA Board.  CXPA is the collection of each of these actions that contribute to advancing CX. Our professional staff adds further value, making sure that the technology systems work, records are kept, and member work is supported.  

Participants give "S'More" feedback at the 2019 Insight Exchange

Last week, we convened two virtual Town Halls to hear your feedback on CXPA and your input to CXPA priorities.  Thank you to everyone who tuned in or submitted written comments – plus a very special thank you to Stacy Nevel, CCXP for serving as peer facilitator for the sessions.  Members from across the globe participated, including new members and long-time CXPA veterans.  Member responses were gathered on four questions:

  • What is the most significant challenge in your CX program, business, or career for which you would want to see CXPA assistance?
  • If you were part of the CXPA Board, what would you see as the top priority for the organization?
  • What would you like to see CXPA do to nurture a more diverse and welcoming CXPA and CX community?
  • Is there anything else that you would like your CXPA peers or leadership to consider?

We appreciate the feedback, ideas, and aspirations from everyone who participated.  The compilation of all of this member guidance, summarized in this 29 page summary document, is currently being reviewed by the Board of Directors – and we’d welcome your insights, further feedback, and ideas for exploration, as well, either by comment on this post or by email to  After all, we’re “By Member, For Member,” and committed to working with you to deliver value to one another through our association.

Together in Advancing CX,


Annette and the CXPA Board of Directors