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A Matter of Trust - Building Consumer Confidence in Data Sharing and New Technology (Presented by Verizon) 

03-03-2021 11:04 AM

The global pandemic has accelerated the flight to digital, and consumers are sharing more of their personal data with brands than ever before. But this does not mean they are happy about the data practices of these companies. Join us during this webinar as we explore how consumers feel about sharing their data to get personalized experiences in return. The webinar will explore some key findings determined through our research and survey:
• Consumers today are demanding personalized services or experiences. However, they are hesitant in sharing personal data with brands. What is your view on why consumers are hesitant in sharing their data?
• As we step into a digital world with new technologies becoming mainstream to delivering better CX. What would you advise brands on how to use the technologies?
• Personalized CX must rest on integrity and transparency. How do you earn consumer's trust?
• How do brands regain consumer trust after a negative data experience (such as a breach or misuse)?

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