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I have built and led global teams of Consulting Services professionals and guided them to sell, design, implement, and operationalize enterprise-wide customer experience solutions that drive business and organizational improvements. Services teams included: Account Management, Solutions Implementation, QA, Best Practices, Analytics, Consulting, Research Methods, Training, and Support.

I have been recognized as a Customer Experience thought leader who is passionate about helping to build people-focused organizations. People-focused organizations care about people first, over profits; they also know that if they focus on the the employee experience "more first," a great customer experience will follow. Customers will feel as if they are appreciated and valued - and so the business grows.

More importantly, my point of view is that the customer experience is an ever-evolving journey, not a "one and done." When companies think about the big picture, the entire customer journey, they show their desire to build trusted, not transactional, relationships.

Areas of Expertise
Motivational Team Leader * Team Training/Development * P&L/Forecasting * Account Management * Project Management * Discovery/Ideation * Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty/NPS * Customer Experience Optimization * Employee Satisfaction & Engagement * Customer Journey Maps * Feedback Maps * Operationalizing Insights * Business Development * Enterprise Solutions * Executive Presentations * Panel Management * Various Research and Data Collection Methodologies * Survey Design * World-Class VoC Programs * Best Practices/Processes * Consultative Selling * Solution Design * Speaker * Marketing * Event Planning * Social Media * Blogger * Ghost Writing