New Membership Portal

Member Portal Update 

We are excited to announce a new enhanced account management portal will be available soon. The new portal will provide added security measures and has additional enhancements that we hope will make a better online experience. You do not need to create a new account, but you will need to set up a new password. Here is some information about these changes:

  • Password change: Your username is your email address. Please use your email address as your username. When accessing the new portal for the first time, the system may require you to reset your password. The new account management portal includes 2-step security validation, so the system will email you a validation code to complete the password reset. Onscreen guidance will help you with the necessary password format. Use the same email address on file to ensure that all previous account information will be accessible on the new portal. If you have any difficulty accessing the new portal, please email for assistance.  

  • Profile Alerts: The new portal includes an alert bell next to your profile icon picture at the top on the far right of the page. If you have alert messages (such as notification that your membership is up for renewal) you will see a notice on this bell.

  • Account history and access: The account management portal provides access for you to review and edit your profile information, as well as access your purchase history and saved payment preferences.

  • Mobile device access: The new account management portal is mobile responsive and is designed for ease of navigation on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

  • Universal Shopping Cart: This will allow you to choose multiple products for purchase and process one order.

Please note that the launch of the new portal may require you to establish a new password as outlined above to log onto the CXPA website.  We appreciate your understanding that all technology changes involve change. If you experience any technical difficulties or have suggestions for how we can make the portal more useful, please know staff stand ready to assist you via email to or by phone: 952-564-3048.