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It can be a challenge to find quality Customer Experience (CX) training. CXPA believes that CX training is best conducted by qualified providers delivering content grounded in the six competencies of CXPA’s
Customer Experience framework. This framework was developed through an extensive, psychometrically valid job task analysis study that researched community consensus on the job task scope of the CX professional. The framework also serves as the examination blueprint for the Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential, the only independent credential for CX professionals.

The providers below have been determined by independent review by the CXPA as meeting established qualifications to be designated as a CXPA Recognized Training Provider.  By choosing a Recognized Training Provider, you are assured that the training you receive is from a provider recognized by CXPA as having the qualifications, skills, and commitment to provide quality Customer Experience training that will enhance your CX knowledge.

2019 Recognized Training Providers


Customer Experience Consultancy, LTD

Founded in 2012, Customer Experience Consultancy has worked with, guided, mentored and inspired, organisations and customer experience practitioners in over 40 countries Underpinned by our belief in ‘doing what is right for our clients, their people and their customers’, we operate as specialists in ‘operationalising the customer experience’ – Working only with experienced practitioners, our specialists have quite literally ‘been there and done it’ in the world of customer experience. We are not career consultants Our founder, Ian Golding, was the first person in the world to be authorised to teach people to prepare for their CCXP Accreditation in 2014.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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KCA Consultants

Fully Integrated CX and Organizational Development: We believe that CX cannot be seen in isolation. That is why we help our clients achieve lasting and sustainable improvements and outstanding end-to-end Customer Experiences by integrating their Corporate Strategy, Operations and Customer Service Delivery, HR and Culture Management, Quality Management, and Branding/Marketing in a truly holistic way.  Our award winning expertise does not only include all aspects of CXM, but also covers Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, Strategy Management/Balanced Scorecard, ITSM and HR Culture Management. Through our extensive network of recognized global experts and technical solutions providers we can always provide our clients with access to the highest levels of experience and expertise, customized to the respective needs of the assignment and problem at hand. As such we are truly an integrative one-stop-shop provider with a global reach for all your CX, Business Improvement and Training needs. 

Training and L&D Solutions: With KCA Consultants being a CXPA RTP, you can trust us with all your L&D and Training needs. Adhering to the highest review standards of CXPA, we can assure that our CX, CCXP Preparation, Innovation and Design Thinking, Strategy and Quality Management Training programs have been tried and tested, and delivered by our L&D Experts to a wide range of clients across many industries and sectors.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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Nienke Bloem Services BV

Nienke Bloem, CCXP is a world renowned Customer Experience Management leader and has helped thousands on their journey to become customer centric. Through speaking, training, consulting and her fun customer experience game. She is practical, honest and a lot of fun to work with. Did we mention her Dutch Non-Nonsense approach and her always wearing a blue dress? She has been a CX leader herself, so she has the scars and the starts to help you. Please be in contact to see what she can do for you.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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OmniTouch International

We live to help & inspire people to deliver great Customer experiences.

To do that, we facilitate practical and engaging workshops that develop Contact Centre mastery, improve Customer Service delivery and advance Customer Experience know-how. Founded 18 years ago, we’ve worked with than 50,000 Participants across more than 40 countries. We have the experience, the know-how and the stories that bring our workshops and speeches to life. We’re a CXPA Recognized Training Partner, Certified Customer Experience Professionals (CCXP), ICMI Certified Associates, Net Promoter Certified and a Call Centre Industry Advisory Council Training Partner (CIAC).

But our most important credential is what Clients & Participants say. We’ve earned thousands of positive testimonials – hundreds of which can be found on our website and LinkedIn. A lot of folks - from new Team Leaders to the most seasoned management practitioner - end up in the Contact Centre, Customer Service or Customer Experience profession by accident. Or they were promoted up through the ranks and bravely work to learn on the job as they go. What we are really good at is equipping and inspiring folks with the formal know how, the relevant skills and the needed inspiration to do their CC, CS & CX jobs better - from senior management through to the Frontline.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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Wilms & Co BV

Become a CX Leader: So you are interested in CX, and you know there’s more. You want to be better at it, right? To learn about trends and developments, best practices, how it all fits together? Enrol in one of the Masterclasses that cover everything you need to grow as a CX leader. With minds alike and at a fast pace you’ll have inspiration for a lifetime CX career.

Create True CX Impact: Or you’re involved in CX already. Maybe you measure NPS or have a VOC programme running. People are looking at you to make it happen. But how? How to get better scores, more results and more engagement? Get someone who’s been in your role. As a former Head of Global NPS running 13 countries in Europe and Asia for a leading Financial corporate I know exactly what it takes to design and manage complex programmes, avoid political pitfalls and create a movement. I’ll help you as a sparring partner. In the background, so you can shine.

Engage your Organisation: CX is a very powerful business methodology. It connects business strategy to your customers, enables to act upon valuable feedback and to increase customer loyalty and value. However, you will only succeed by turning inwards first. How do you engage your organisation and create an energetic, buzzing customer driven environment? Get stunning visualisations in to create reports, infographics and stunning presentations that get you the impact and give your results the podium they earn.

Serving: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

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Every Recognized Training Provider has pledged to provide training in accordance with the CXPA Customer Experience framework and professional training practices. In the unlikely event that you have a training experience with a Recognized Training Provider that you believe does not fulfill this pledge, please notify us at including your contact information and course details so that we may follow up.