Customer Journey Management

CXPA is offering recordings of our first course in Customer Journey Management! CXPA courses are a collaborative curriculum developed by top industry leaders in CX. It includes four 90-minute recordings to enable you to dive deeper into Customer Journey Management while being guided by leading experts - and learning their tips and tricks!

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    What exactly is Customer Journey Management?

    Customer Journey Management includes mapping of the customer journey as a critical component of business success through customer experience. The mapping methodology aims to deepen customer understanding, break down organizational silos, and instill a customer-centric mindset across the organization. 

    Customer journey maps are powerful CX tools. To drive meaningful changes within the organization, these maps must:

    • Be easy to create and develop
    • Enable collaboration across functional groups
    • Become adopted at all levels within the organization
    • Be flexible enough to customize and evolve as needs change

    One of the first steps in getting started is choosing an approach that is right for your organization. That's the overall objective of this educational course - and that's what you'll take away after watching the modules.

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