Speaker Opportunities

2017 CXPA Insight Exchange Speaking Opportunities

CXPA’s annual Insight Exchange is an opportunity for members to come together to share best practices around our 6 CX Core Competencies as well as learn from one another and network.  With this in mind we have numerous opportunities for our members to share their stories.  Please take a look at the below speaker opportunities for more details on how you can potentially present to the over 300 CX professionals we expect in attendance.

For additional information, please connect with Lesley Lykins

Keynote Speakers

CXPA has three keynote speakers each year and these speakers are specifically selected and approached by our Executive Leadership Team.  Keynote speakers are senior executives, in some cases CEOs.  We strive for a unique mix of industries and CX stories.  If you have a connection to someone you believe would make an exceptional keynote presenter, please send that person’s name, title, company and a short description of their story to Lesley Lykins at lesley@cxpa.org for consideration by the Executive Leadership Team.  **Please note we do not pay speaker fees.

Submissions by: Feb. 23, 2017

Breakout Sessions

During the event there are six 30-minute sessions presented by CX practitioners at organizations not selling CX products/services.  These speakers will present their CX case studies to groups of approximately 50 attendees.  CXPA’s volunteer planning committee is tasked with reaching out to these potential speakers and selecting a range of industries and stories that enhance learning around all six-core competencies.  Emphasis is placed on securing presenters that are CX Innovation Award winners/finalists.  If you or someone you know would make an exceptional breakout presenter, please complete the form here for consideration by our committee.

Submissions by:  March 1, 2017

CCXP Thought Leader Sessions

There will be three 30-minute breakout presentation spots that run in conjunction with the practitioner breakouts and sponsor breakout sessions.  These three speaking spots are vied for by CXPA Members that are certified CCXPs.  These submissions can come from members who provide consulting services and/or other CX products and services.  These presentations should be educational in nature and the proposals will be voted on by the CXPA member body with the top three selected to present. Use the submission form here.

Submissions by: March 1, 2017

Sponsor Breakout Sessions

CXPA reserves three 30-minute breakout presentation spots that run in conjunction with the above mentioned breakout sessions.  These three speaking spots are vied for by Insight Exchange sponsors and CXPA Global Sponsors utilizing their large event package. Presentation proposals are submitted by eligible sponsors and three winners are selected by CXPA members during a pre-event vote. Use the submission form here.

**Please see additional rules and regulations below.

Companies interested in this opportunity must be signed sponsors and have presentation proposals submitted by: March 1, 2017

CXPA Show & Tell Sessions

A unique aspect of our event is the Show & Tell Session where between 25 -30 members each present to a small groups of 5-10 attendees 25 minutes around a specific CX tool, program or idea implemented with success at their companies.  Attendees have the opportunity to experience two of these presentations during each hour-long session.  The majority of these tables are filled by CX practitioners with companies that DO NOT sell CX products/services.

However, 7 tables are reserved in each of the two sessions (for a total of 14 spots) for members that provide CX products/services.  Members in this category will submit presentation proposals to the Insight Exchange Volunteer Show & Tell Committee for consideration.  These spots are competitive and the committee members will score unidentified submissions and select the top candidates to participate in each session.  If more tables need to be filled by CX providers the committee reserves the right to select runners up to participate beyond just the selected 7 for each session.  CX Providers DO NOT have to be Insight Exchange Sponsors to submit for one of these spots. **Please note these are very strictly run presentations around specific CX Tools, programs, etc. and CANNOT be sales pitches.  Very strict rules are adhered to in order to make this session very educational and productive for attendees.

Use the submission form here.

**Please see additional rules and regulations below.

Submission by:  March 1, 2017

CXPA Sponsor Show and Tell Session

All CXPA sponsors from Platinum Sponsors to reception sponsors, book sponsors, lanyard sponsors, etc. have the opportunity this year to present in our Sponsor Show and Tell Session.  This session will run similarly to our traditional session as described above, but will be comprised of solely tables with sponsors presenting.  Each sponsor has this opportunity available and will have 25 minutes to present to small groups of attendees twice during the session.  It is advised that sponsors think clearly about the presentation and the proposal for that presentation to be listed in the program guide as attendees self-select which tables to attend. Use this submission form here.

Submission by:  March 1, 2017


  • CX providers presenting in one of the 14 spots for the traditional Show and Tell Session must abide by the very strict requirements regarding presentations that are educational in nature and in no way resemble a sales pitch.

  • If another group within a company would like to make a proposal our planning committee will review and determine if the content is significantly different and of additional value to attendees in which case the company could be approved to present elsewhere.

  • A sponsor is ALWAYS guaranteed a table at the sponsor show & tell.

  • Presenters submitting to the Thought Leader Breakout Presentations must be certified CCXPs.

  • Practitioner Breakout sessions must be presented by employees of an organization that does not sell CX Products/Services.These presentations are not meant to showcase client/provider successes.