Account Portal Help

Thank you for visiting the CXPA Account Portal Help page.  We're sorry that you may be experiencing difficulties in the Account Portal or that it's not intuitive enough to accomplish your intended task.  We hope that the information on this page can help you do that. If not, please use the contact information at the bottom to let us know how we can help you.

Most of the webpage is blank

The most frequent cause of this seems to be caused by a conflict between information stored in cookies or passwords in your browser. Because this information is stored on your machine rather than the portal, here are some steps you can try to correct this problem:

1) Deep clear the cache for the portal on your browser 

Cloudfare explains how a browser cache works by stating, "Every time a user loads a webpage, their browser has to download quite a lot of data in order to display that webpage. To shorten page load times, browsers cache most of the content that appears on the webpage, saving a copy of the webpage's content on the device’s hard drive." Further, they note "Once a browser cache is cleared, every webpage that loads will load as if it is the first time the user has visited the page. If something loaded incorrectly the first time and was cached, clearing the cache can allow it to load correctly." 

For some users, the browser may have stored previous user IDs and passwords.  This causes a conflict that keeps the parts of the pages that require log-in from functioning correctly. Taking one-time steps to deep clean the cache for the account portal should remove the conflicting data and solve the issue of incorrect loading. We have created this document complete with screenshots to guide you.  The steps vary depending on your computer system and browser.  Here are the steps for the most common use situations: 

If you use Chrome on a PC: (see directions with screenshots on pages 2 - 12
  1.  Navigate to in the Chrome browser
  2. Right Click anywhere on the screen and select “Inspect” 
  3. Click on the double arrows in the code window 
  4. Select and click on ‘Application’ in the dropdown menu 
  5. Click on the arrow next to Cookies to open the links below 
  6. Click on the URL in Cookies and click on “Clear” 
  7. Click on “Storage”
  8. Scroll in far-right window to make sure all boxes (usually six) are checked/selected.  If not, check them to select.
  9. Click “Clear site data”
  10. Click “X” in the code window to return to full screen view
  11. Refresh the window. 
If you use Chrome on a Mac: (see directions with screenshots on pages 14 - 16
  1. Navigate to  
  2. Press CMD+Option+i
  3. Find the Refresh button next to the address bar
  4. Click “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” in the list of options
  5. “Accept Cookies” and then log-in using the same email and password you use for 
If you use Safari (see directions with screenshots on page 18
  • In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari > Settings, then click Privacy.
  • Click Manage Website Data.
  • Select, then click Remove

If you use Firefox on PC (see directions with screenshots)

  • Open the Firefox Browser
  • Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Settings, Select Privacy & Security
  • Go to the Cookies and Site Data section
  • Select Privacy & Security
  • In the Cookies and Site Data section, click Manage Data
  • Search for and select “”
  • Click “Remove Selected” and “Save Changes”
  • Refresh the window. 
Other Browsers:
Other browsers provide options to clear the cache for all sites.  Be cautioned that clearing the cache for all sites may degrade your experience on other sites for which you are used to benefiting from cookies that drive your experience. We therefore recommend using Chrome and the method outlined above.   

Deleting stored password in a password management system
If you are using a password management system to store passwords, refer to that system's documentation to remove a stored password from a single site (e.g., remove a stored password from Lastpass)
2) Access the portal through a different browser for which you would not have stored cookies;  through an incognito/private window; or different computer.
If you normally use Firefox, try Chrome or Safari.  If you normally use Chrome, try Safari or Firefox.  If you usually use Safari, try Firefox or Chrome.  Or open a new incognito/private window and try to access the portal from there. The portal address is If you are able to access the portal and see the information on the different browser or in the incognito/private window, you may be able to complete your task in that browser/window.

The navigation options at the top of the page are missing

While infrequent, the navigation menu items at the top of the page sometimes do not load. We apologize for that, and have submitted a help desk ticket to the portal provider, MemberSuite. Typically this issue can be solved by reloading the page or closing the browser and reopening it.

I'm not sure of what user name to use to log in, or am having difficulty logging in.

Your portal log-in/user name is the primary email address on file.
  • If your email address has changed or if you are entering anything other than an email for your login name, that may by the problem.  Try entering the email you believe is associated with your account (typically the account that receives CXPA emails) and using the "Forgot your password?" link on the sign in page to reset your access.  If that doesn't work, please contact and let us know the email address you would like to be used on your account
You may have a stored login name and password that is not up to date.  If that is the case, please clear any stored passwords for the site to see if that resolves the issue.  Here's how:
  1. You can delete your stored password for by following the instructions for the browser you use.  The site for which you are searching to remove any saved password is
  2. If you are using a password management system to store passwords, refer to that system's documentation to remove a stored from a single site (e.g., remove a stored password from Lastpass)

If you are using the "Forgot your password?" option and are not receiving the email that lets you update your password, it is likely being sent to an old email address in our system. Sometimes when a primary email address is updated, it does not always update your Login ID. If this happens, please email us at and we will refresh your profile and provide updated login information.

What do I need to know about submitting a CCXP application in the portal?

We are glad you are seeking to earn the CCXP! We know that you will want to submit a lot of information, and be able to give thought to make sure it is accurate and well presented.  We highly recommend that you finalize your responses in a separate saved document before copying and pasting your response into the online application. For security reasons, portal sessions expire at approximately 30 minutes. Any in-process work on applications, registrations, or other activities will likely be lost when the online session expires.  Applicants with a prepared saved document find it easy to complete the application well within the provided session time, and if you should have any difficulty with your submission, you will have documentation to provide the CCXP team if needed. Please feel free to use this blank application document to complete your application before submitting it online.

The site is not accepting my credit card at check out. 

We're sorry for the frustration while you were trying to make an online payment. We have found that online payments (especially international payments) fail to process due to differences in address and credit card protocols, and/or other fraud prevention policies of the bank or credit card company. The quickest resolution is usually for you to send us an email at to set up a quick call or online meeting so we can attempt to process the payment manually. These calls typically take no more than 5 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience.

I need to edit my job posting on

We would be happy to help! Reach out to us at if your post needs to be edited or removed. 

Need further help or have a question not covered above?

We're here for you.  Please send an email to so that we can help you.  Please include as many relevant details as possible such as:
  • the browser and operating system you are using and/or have tried
  • any former company affiliations or variations of your name that may be reflected in your record
  • the specific event or product you were trying to access
We try to respond as quickly as possible, and certainly within 48 hours during the Monday - Friday workweek.