CXPA's Guide to CX Metrics

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CXPA's Guide to CX Metrics

Metrics pervade our world in so many ways and within the CX discipline, especially where performance is concerned, they often take center stage. Organizations at the early stages of CX maturity will often start off their journey with a survey and within that survey there will be a metric or perhaps two.  Often the journey stalls there and the metric becomes the focus or the obsession. This is unfortunate because a metric is simply a gauge of past or current performance, not a predictor of future performance, and indicative of a customer experience either born out of design or by default. So organizations gain very little substance from just tracking numbers and customers quickly grow tired of repeatedly responding to surveys, especially when their feedback goes unacknowledged and hence a decline in response rates typically results.

Metrics and measurement are not just from the customer perspective either.  Organizations have internal performance metrics that they track and follow and that includes financials.  Together they comprise of what we often refer to as X data and O data - X being experience data from the customer perspective and O data being the organization’s internal operating measures. Together these two data sources form the basis for discovering and proving the ROI of CX.  The resources below will help you better understand and appreciate the role of metrics and measures as a system versus standalone data points. The survey may or may not be dead, but the world has increasingly become digital and that requires some new thinking and new approaches to measuring and managing the results. And finally, closing the loop, something that we continually preach as the most critical part of the measurement process, is often sidestepped due to time pressures and in fact can negate the entire measurement process altogether. This is yet another aspect of CX measurement where the ROI can be easily demonstrated.


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Karl Sharicz, CCXP brings over thirty years of skills and experiences gained in high-tech research and manufacturing B2B environments along with proven business acumen. Throughout his career, he has served a broad range of roles within marketing, sales, training, and training management—developing internal and external customer relationship skills and building a decided customer-centric focus along the way. As the Founder and CEO of HorizonCX, Karl offers professional services to organizations both small and large that are aiming to either begin the Customer Experience journey or bring it to the next level.

Karl Sharicz, CCXP, CXPA Member

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