How AI Will Drive Autonomous CX

How AI Will Drive Autonomous CX

When:  Oct 3, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

We are excited to announce that this exceptional CX Day program has been made possible through the partnership of CXPA Sponsor, Glassbox. Your participation holds immense value for us! Please take a moment to review the registration details provided below. We look forward to sharing this exciting experience with you!

Early digital analytics tools, like web analytics, helped digital teams see what is happening. Then came digital experience intelligence platforms that could tell you not only what is happening, but also WHY.

As AI innovation accelerates and the potential of generative AI surfaces, the next frontier for digital customer experience is emerging: autonomous CX. In this session, we’ll reveal the benefits of and the journey to truly autonomous digital CX. Plus hear how Glassbox is innovating to realize this vision.

Join Glassbox on CX day to:

  • Discover the evolution of digital analytics and its CX impact
  • Harness the transformational potential of autonomous CX
  • Gain a competitive edge through autonomous CX utilization

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