CXPA RTP: 5 Weeks or 15 Hours to CCXP - Francais, Espanol, English (ClearAction | Hunsaker)

CXPA RTP: 5 Weeks or 15 Hours to CCXP - Francais, Espanol, English (ClearAction | Hunsaker)

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When:  Jun 6, 2022 from 08:00 PM to 09:30 PM (ET)

Self-paced version available in French, Spanish, and English. You can listen to all 5 competencies in 7.5 hours. We recommend an additional 7.5 hours for the quizzes, links, and quiz games: 15 hours total.

MONDAY 8-9:30 PM New York = TUESDAY 8-9:30 AM Philippines/Shanghai = TUES 6:30-8 AM Mumbai = TUES Noon-13:30 Sydney

The schedule for this live class is a continual series. Start any week. Within 5 weeks you have covered all 5 CCXP competencies. Can't make it to a session? Pick it up next time.  

This CCXP MasterClass is unique in several ways.

  • It’s in short bites that help you absorb the body of knowledge efficiently.
  • Each of the 5 CCXP competencies comes with a fundamentals workbook/recording and an advanced workbook/recording. The first one covers most of the CCXP question topics. The second one helps you tackle the exam questions where there are all good choices but they ask for the one best choice.
  • We emphasize Topic Mastery short answers as the best indicator of exam readiness, far exceeding the value of multiple choice practice. There are 3 Mastery questions for each of the 5 CCXP competencies, and Lynn Hunsaker, CXPA Recognized Training Provider, gives you feedback on all 15, even if you score 100%. Instead of an attendance certificate, you can earn an Experience Leadership Topic Mastery Certificate, evidence of your readiness for the CCXP exam.
  • If English is not your first language, you can see the closed captions for each slide. Also, for Topic Mastery, you can answer in your preferred language. Lynn uses Google Translate to understand what you said, and to give you feedback in your language. This class is also available in Espanol and Francais.

ClearAction 7-day guaranteeWith this live or self-paced class or course, you do not need any other books, videos, or quizzes to succeed in the CCXP exam. This course is 100% up-to-date with CXPA’s new customer experience body of knowledge. 

Trusted by CCXPs & CX enthusiasts from these companies and hundreds more:

This course was one of the first CCXP resources out there. It was a huge help in passing with my first attempt.Jennifer Wright, PhD, CCXP, Vice President of Customer Experience, Magellan Health
I might not have passed the test without taking this course. The myth-busters really pushed me over the top to answer quite a few of the questions I would have not been confident in otherwise.
The way the course is organized helped me synthesize my thoughts around the 6 CX competencies. Even if I could have passed the exam without taking this course, it was time well spent.
Jessica Noble, CCXP, Enavate
This course was muy excellente! It really helped me uncover what I did not know and also helped me solidify my approach to CX transformation. I loved that I could listen in my car, on a tablet or at my desk.
I would highly recommend this course. Worth every penny and I also passed the CCXP exam the first time!
Heather Younger, J.D., CCXP, Employee Fanatix
Thank you, Lynn Hunsaker. Great course, and helped me pass on the 1st attempt.Ron Mozalewski, CCXP, Executive Director, Advocate Health Care
I found the course materials excellent. They were my main source of preparation for the exam. If you have a background in CX, then the recordings and other reading materials on this site are all that you need. Lynn was also a fantastic help on specific queries that I had at different stages. She is responsive, helpful and very supportive. I would highly recommend ClearAction.Graham Fagan, CCXP, Group Director, AIB
The ClearAction course goes beyond test preparation. It’s a thorough and deep review of the CX body of knowledge. I not only felt prepared to take the test, I felt prepared to take on a major CX role in my organization and to approach the work feeling confident that I could make a measurable and meaningful impact. — Vice President of Customer Experience
I loved this insightful and practical course. Takes CXM from theory to action. The Topic Mastery approach helps dive deep into each CCXP competency. Worth every cent. Fully recommended!Tatiana Ramirez, Director of Marketing, Instituto de Mercadeo Agropecuario
I’ve recommended ClearAction CCXP training to many others. Thanks again!Nikki Pampalone, CCXP, Director of Customer Experience, Nationwide Insurance

CCXP Classes

Choose the live class or self-paced course
— either way, you get two class workbooks (BASICS + ADVANCED), links to templates and case studies, succinct recordings for each workbook, scenario exercises as adult learning essentials, multiple-choice quizzes with clues and explanations, and online quiz game. This course received the CXPA's seal of approval in 2015. It has been upgraded for lots of bonus material. Hundreds of CCXPs across the continents have benefitted from this course!


Online Instructions:
Login: Download the in-class workbook in advance for application ideas and note-taking. Preview the fundamentals and basics recordings for live class.


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