Omnichannel Customer Service Workshop - with Daniel Ord

Omnichannel Customer Service Workshop - with Daniel Ord

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Starts:  Nov 22, 2022 12:30 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)
Ends:  Nov 25, 2022 04:30 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)

Workshop Title: Omnichannel Customer Service

The Essentials:

  • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and 30 year industry veteran in CX, EX, Contact Centers and Customer Service
  • (4) x 4-hour sessions

Recommended audience: Frontline Team Members, Contact Centre Agents, Team Leaders, Quality Assurance, Customer Experience and anyone who wants to learn more about how to succeed in Omnichannel Customer Service

Workshop overview:

With increasing channels of Customer communication, it’s operationally more efficient to set up blended channel Queues, where Agents handle not only different types of enquiries, but different channels as well.

For example, they may handle a video chat and then respond next to a social media post. Or they may handle a phone call followed by a live chat and then a video chat.

But over and above operational efficiency, the blended channel environment benefits Customers, the Agents and the Organization.

We call that ‘CEO’ where C=Customers, E=Employees and O=the Organization. We think it’s fundamental to consider all three stakeholders in Contact Centre design and operation.

Speaking about the Agents we find that with the right understanding, mindset and skills Agents can succeed in the omnichannel environment.

So we’ve written this Course to help build that understanding, mindset and skills.

We’ve been teaching Contact Centre management & skills for more than 20 years around the world and have the operational mastery combined with the skills know-how required to deliver great phone calls, email, live chat, social media and video chat. So we’ve taken the best of the best of what we know and have experienced working with advanced Omnichannel Clients. And bring that to Agents in this workshop!

Workshop outline:

Module 1: The Blended Channel Environment – what is it and why now?

It’s important for anyone working in a blended channel environment to understand what that actually means, how it compares to more ‘traditional’ channel design and why it benefits todays’ Customers, the Employees themselves and the Organization at large.

  • Defining the Blended Channel Environment
  • Compare & contrast Blended to Traditional Channel Design
  • What blended means for Customers
  • What blended means for you and your Colleagues
  • What blended means for your Organization
  • Summing up the benefits using C E O (Customers, Employees, Organization)

Module 2: The Four Step Pattern for Managing an Inbound Customer Enquiry

Scripts don’t work very well with today’s Customer. But patterns and techniques do.

They strengthen the confidence & delivery of the Agent. And they ensure a great Contact Centre interaction for the Customer.

This is the essential pattern we can apply across nearly any channel with the understanding we’ll tailor the pattern to fit the inherent ‘uniqueness’ of each channel.

  • Greet KPIs and behaviours
  • Listen KPIs and behaviours
  • Control KPIs and behaviours
  • Solution KPIs and behaviours
  • Big Picture thinking for today’s Customer (or a bit of CX)
  • The Customer Experience Pyramid
  • The role of the Customer Journey in delivering a better Experience
  • Transaction or Relationship? What’s the difference?
  • The core responsibilities of the Contact Centre today

    Module 3: How to succeed on the Phone

    For many Customers, the phone remains an essential channel when their enquiries involve complexity and/or emotion.

    Here are the ideas, insights & tips that make your phone conversations ‘work’.

    • 5 Golden Rules for Phone-based Service

    Module 4: How to succeed on Video Conference

    In our ‘new normal’ people have used video conferencing in one form or another for work and for family. Talking to people on screen is a new normal behaviour.

    Here are the ideas, insights & tips that make your Video conferencing ‘work’.

    • 5 Golden Rules for Video Conference service

    Module 5: How to succeed on Emails

    Email is probably the most challenging channel of all. Because it takes detective work combined with solid email writing ability.

    Here are the ideas, insights & tips that make your Emails ‘work’.

    • 5 Golden Rules for Email service

    Module 6: How to succeed on Live Chat

    Is Live Chat like phone? Well yes and no. Is Live Chat like email? Well yes and no. Now we get to combine writing ability with synchronous communication skills.

    Here are the ideas, insights & tips that make your Live Chats ‘work’.

    • 5 Golden Rules for Live Chat service

    Module 7: How to succeed for Social Media service

    Social media requires you to think on your feet.

    And social media is fast & easy for Customers to access and they’re well aware that they have multiple audiences for their posts – including other Customers.

    Here are the ideas, insights & tips that make your Social Media service ‘work’.

    • 5 Golden Rules for Social Media service

    Module 8: The Psychology of Channel Switching

    There’s some neurological science involved in ‘channel switching’. Here’s the science and what to consider when you work in a channel switching environment.

    • How your brain works and what to know about channel switching
    • Channel switching isn’t the same thing as multi-tasking
    • All you need to remember about any Customer interaction
    • How to take care of your brain

    All OmniTouch workshops incorporate extensive exercises, discussions and laughter.

    Some testimonials

    "The course provides a hollistic overview of an omnichannel approach to customer service, redefining what service channels encompasses and goes right back to the basics. So often can we get caught in the outcomes as we become results oriented that we very often forget about the process involved in getting there, which the course strongly emphasizes on. Generally a well contructed course for both executives and management alike to enable us to deliver quality conversations with each other even as the world around us changes."

    "The workshop helped me see the bigger picture of omnichannel customer service. Essentially, the core skills required in one service channel is applicable across all service channels. Hence, the workshop and the trainer helps customer service executives build confidence in their ability to provide omnichannel service."

    "The learning experience was great. Information shared are easy to understand yet relevant as the examples given are very good references in our course of work such as use of the UNER(R) when we have to say 'No' to customers. I like the concept about developing guides to help agents on top questions we have to say 'No' or adopt the ELI5 approach."

    "The training was fun and it enlighten me on how we can master the art at Omnichannel."

    "I would like to thank Dan for sharing with us his perspectives on the difference in service channels, as I was very intimidated by differences initially as we started training across different service channels. However, I eventually realized the key focus is to go back to basics of communication to have great conversations with each other, regardless of the different channels, which will go a long way in overcoming these challenges. Dan also shared many tips with us such as Enquiry Reconfirmation and The 4 step pattern which really aids in working with our clients. Finally I appreciate the insights on LiveChat that has helped me to rediscover the joy of working across service channels in our changing world."

    "The pace of the sessions were great, Daniel and Marcus was excellent in making the session smooth and engaging. Many opportunities to discuss and clarify. Content of the Course was not too intense. Great job! Thanks! (smiley)"

    Your Facilitator

    The course is facilitated by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider, 30 year industry veteran and internationally renowned Trainer & Speaker in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Customer Service & Contact Centers.

    Venue: Our program will be held online and we will advise registered Participants how to join

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