BrandLove's 10-Week CCXP Coaching Program

BrandLove's 10-Week CCXP Coaching Program

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Starts:  May 20, 2023 09:00 AM (SAT)
Ends:  Jul 29, 2023 05:00 PM (SAT)

Take Your Customer Experience Skills to the Next Level with BrandLove's 10-Week CCXP Coaching Program

Are you ready to boost your customer experience skills and take your career to new heights? BrandLove's tailored 10-week CCXP coaching program is designed to help you write your exam with confidence and receive global validation of your CX expertise.

Our program is perfect for those who lack practical experience or knowledge and features interactive online sessions on Saturdays to accommodate even the busiest schedules.

Why trust us? Our agency has over fifteen years of experience in CX, and we were named CX Agency of the Year at the Customer Centricity World Series. Our CEO was the first person in Africa to obtain her CCXP and created the continent's first CX networking group. We are also a CXPA-approved training provider.

Our program offers practical experience and covers all the CXPA core competencies such as customer experience strategy, metrics, measurements, ROI, customer insights, design, implementation, innovation, culture, organizational adoption, and accountability.

Don't miss out on our early bird price of €1000 (Euro) until the end of March. After that, the regular price is €1200 (Euro).

We are committed to your success and believe that our CCXP coaching program can help you gain the confidence and expertise to obtain your CCXP certification.

Don't hesitate to invest in your career today. Get certified with Brandlove's CCXP program!

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20 May | Customer Experience Strategy

Learn how to create a CX strategy that aligns with your organization's goals and values. You'll develop tactics and a plan to communicate the strategy to stakeholders. We'll cover best practices across industries, business strategy frameworks and planning, and cross-functional efforts. You'll learn to engage executives and all functional business areas in creating action plans, translating corporate strategy into well-defined customer experience strategies, and delivering business goals.

3 June | Metrics, Measurements, and ROI

Maximise customer satisfaction with a solid VOC program. Gather feedback from customers, employees and various channels, mining data and mapping major touchpoints to identify pain points and improve CX. Leverage perception, descriptive and outcome metrics to measure success and assess business impact. Communicate results clearly to stakeholders, use ROI to justify CX investments and drive executive engagement. With expertise in CX data analysis and research methods, create an effective measurement strategy to support the broader CX plan.

17 June | Customer Insights and Understanding

Gain expertise in assessing infrastructure, designing voice of customer programs, and identifying touchpoints. Collect feedback from customers and employees, conduct journey and process mapping, and use qualitative and quantitative research methods. Apply behavioral science techniques, conduct root cause and predictive analysis, and redesign processes to improve CX.

1 July | Design, Implementation, and Innovation

Learn to optimize customer experience by establishing a CX design process with customer insights to define and prioritize experience requirements. Facilitate an end-to-end design, implement improvements, and integrate tools for continuous improvement. Use design thinking and co-creation, gap analysis, human-centered design, journey mapping, control/response plans, operating plans, tactics, and iterative ideation. Manage change, project, and process, identify interdependencies, and drive execution of CX improvements. Acquire skills to identify key moments of truth, drive customer-centered design and innovation, map touchpoints, and execute CX improvements.

15 July | Culture

Learn to create a customer-focused culture by implementing best practices for employee hiring, training, and coaching alignment. Discover reward and recognition strategies, effective CX communication methods, and stakeholder and change management approaches. Also, align business goals with a customer-centric culture and engage employees across all levels of the organization. Finally, communicate the importance of customer experience and strategies to your team.

29 July | Organizational Adoption and Accountability

Learn how to drive a customer-focused CX strategy from the top-down by maintaining executive accountability for CX. You'll discover how to make customer experience impact a key criterion for business decisions and how to take ownership of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and optimize CX success. You'll also learn how to effectively sponsor and engage stakeholders throughout the organization to drive a customer-centric culture.


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