CX Centric Conversation: Leveraging Customer Insights to Engage & Improve the Employee Experience

CX Centric Conversation: Leveraging Customer Insights to Engage & Improve the Employee Experience

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When:  Sep 26, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 03:30 PM (CET)

Join us for an international interactive conversation!

Over the last few years we've got better at collecting customer feedback. The problem is often it stops there! Our research shows that the majority of organisations struggle to get real value out of their customer data - and we see this as a big missed opportunity. Our community has many organisations who have used customer feedback to help fuel their products and services, but also to drive employee motivation, mould company culture, and give their employees a sense of purpose.

In this CX Centric Conversation we are very proud to have secured the sought after Tomas Rosputinsky, CEO of Staffino. Tomas will provide the opening keynote.

Tomas has been helping many household names leverage customer insights and feedback to grow their businesses. In this CX Centric Conversation Tomas will share his unique perspective on tackling the problem of employee motivation, happiness and engagement especially with front line staff. We look at employee recognition. We uncover techniques that show how companies can make more profit thanks to an active link of real-time customer feedback and employee involvement. Tomas will share case studies and real world examples.

In this CX Centric Conversation we begin with a keynote from the esteemed Tomas Rosputinsky, CEO of Staffino.

We will then break up into groups to explore the opportunities and challenges around leveraging Customer feedback to affect business growth and improve the employee experience.

CX Centric Conversations are hosted by Jonathan Daniels, Director of CX Centric and author of The Customer Experience Playbook.

And Sponsored by StaffinoCXPA

As usual we have curated panel members representing different parts of the world including:


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