Boston CXPA Discussion Group: AI in Practice - How it’s Changing CX

Boston CXPA Discussion Group: AI in Practice - How it’s Changing CX

When:  May 23, 2024 from 08:00 AM to 08:55 AM (ET)
Associated with  Boston CXPA Network

Engage with us in a crucial discussion on two case studies that demonstrate the implementation of AI in CX. Led by Dave Kaminsky, we will delve into how AI can significantly enhance the customer experience, focusing on two real-world examples: Utilities Customer Service Center and eCommerce Customer Data.

As we gear up for the meeting, we encourage you to thoroughly examine the following scenarios and carefully consider the questions. This will help us foster a more insightful and productive discussion on AI implementation in customer experience.

Case Example 1: Utilities Customer Service Center

Massachusetts Power Company (MPC) is an energy provider in Massachusetts. Customer feedback is increasingly revealing poor customer experience when interacting with the customer service center, including: 

  • Calls aren’t answered quickly, resulting in long hold times when customers call in

  • Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) take longer than anticipated to resolve customers issues and questions 

  • The answer CSRs provide often does not fully address the customer’s concern, forcing the customer to call in again

How can MPC leverage GenAI to improve the experience of their customers?

Case Example 2: eCommerce Customer Data

Rainforest Online Shopping (ROS) is a major e-commerce company that sells a variety of items to both consumers and businesses via an online marketplace. Over time, ROS has collected a significant amount of customer data, including:

  • Search History

  • Purchase history

  • Subscription/cancellation trends

  • Demographic data (including geography, etc.)


We’re looking for some volunteers to help with the following:

  • Event planning

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Please reach out if you’re interested in helping us with ongoing discussions, events, and marketing - we’d love to have you, please email us!

We look forward to a lively and thoughtful discussion.


Chuck Gordon

Sara Schumann, CCXP


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