How to Design a Contact Centre Quality Assurance Program by RTP Daniel Ord

How to Design a Contact Centre Quality Assurance Program by RTP Daniel Ord

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Starts:  Jun 2, 2022 12:30 PM (AEST)
Ends:  Jun 3, 2022 05:00 PM (AEST)

Workshop title: How to Design a Quality Assurance Program for Customer Service

The Essentials:

  • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and 30 year industry veteran in CX, EX, Contact Centers and Customer Service
  • (2) x 4-hour sessions

Recommended audience: All Service Management & Contact Centre Leadership, Service Quality, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Customer Experience, Marketing and anyone involved in Quality Management and outcomes.

Workshop Overview

An effective Quality Assurance Program drives a variety of strategic objectives including enhanced Customer Experience, better Frontline Engagement, empowered Team Leaders, improved Training curriculums and ongoing innovation in Quality standards.

It’s simple – a weak Quality Assurance Program results in weak Service. Fortunately, it works the other way – strong Service flows from a strong Quality Assurance program.

Some people think that Quality Assurance means auditing Service for improvement. But the process begins way before auditing begins.

It begins with understanding a culture of Service, how to put together a strong Service Vision, and develop clear standards.

This course provides an incredibly structured approach to designing, implementing and continuously improving an effective Quality Assurance Program – whether your program is already in place or is brand new.

This is not a theoretical course.

Participants will be required to work through a number of logical ‘steps’ including setting a Service Vision, selecting & defining Quality standards, establishing an internal measurement logic, designing Quality Assurance reports and communicating outcomes.

The Participant Guide for this course is extensive and contains almost 50 pages of samples of Quality Standard definitions, Monitoring Forms, Design Checklists and more to help you with your own unique Quality Assurance Program.

And we work through 4 practical & proven modules:

Module 1: Decide what kind of Service you plan to deliver

There isn’t one standard size, flavour or type of service. And people don’t necessarily know what their Customer Service is supposed to look like. It’s a leadership responsibility to define what kind of Service we deliver around here.

Module 2: Standards & Forms – building the foundation

Standards & Forms are meant to guide everyone to the best possible performance for the kind of Service you’ve selected. So documenting standards clearly – and designing forms that are clear and usable – means better outcomes for your QA program. And we review nearly 50 pages of Templates & Samples!

Module 3: Monitoring & Calibration practices that work

Monitoring provides the data and calibration ensures equity & fairness. Let’s talk about how to set up your monitoring & calibration practices.

Module 4: Coaching & Development practices that work

Guiding an individual to higher levels of quality performance is one of the greatest gifts a great Manager give their people. Coaching makes that happen.

Some testimonials

How do you deliver great interaction quality – chat after chat, call after call, email after email? You create, update and manage a great Quality process. And that’s what this workshop is all about – a step by step look at what it takes to create a Quality Assurance program that delivers results.

Earlier Participants in this workshop told us:

“Good morning Daniel, thank you so much for your training. I found it to be highly insightful. Also, the fact that you were able to provide such well-presented and articulated ideas in the early hours of the morning is testament to your skills as a trainer (and strength of your coffee)! You have a wonderful way of presenting yourself and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the group. It was a great refresher for me and learnt a lot. It was a great refresher for me as I have done similar courses in the past but Daniel was by far the best facilitator. He was engaging and very knowledgeable and very helpful. Thank you again.”

“I came into the workshop with a pre-conceived idea of what a QM framework was and how to design one. The workshop really opened my eyes into what a QM is and how coaching and training really works in our environment. The workshop was run really well, and enough time was spent on all subjects. Being a remote environment throughs up challenges but they were overcome by great staff and involvement from all participants.”

“Awesome! Thumbs up! Daniel is forever good. Love to attend his course as it helps me to grow & never boring like other courses I attended before.”

“Amazing & very helpful, will definitely plan to schedule coaching & monitoring sessions.”

“The training explains a broader sense in QA, Coaching & Excellent Service.”

“Daniel is very engaging speaker. Contents very relevant to any work. Key take away will be the performance standard monitoring.”

“It was amazing how Daniel broken things into clear perspective and was enlightening to see how he guided in managing quality for purpose of service excellence.”

The course is delivered by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider, 30 year industry veteran and internationally renowned Trainer in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Contact Centers and Customer Service.

Venue: Our program will be held online via Zoom and we will advise registered Participants how to join

Contact us at the link with any questions!

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