How to Monitor & Coach Contact Centre Agents

How to Monitor & Coach Contact Centre Agents

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Starts:  Feb 10, 2022 01:00 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)
Ends:  Feb 11, 2022 05:00 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)

Workshop title: How to Monitor & Coach Contact Center Agents

The Essentials:

  • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and 30 year industry veteran in CX, EX, Contact Centers and Customer Service
  • (2) x 4-hour sessions

Recommended audience: Team Leaders, Team Managers, Quality Assurance, Contact Center Directors, Managers, Customer Experience Management, Human Resources and anyone involved in improving Quality amongst Frontliners & Agents.

Workshop overview:

Frontline Team Members represent the organisation to its Customers and the manner in which they handle Customer contacts can make or break satisfaction, loyalty and efficiencies.

Supervisors and Quality Assurance work hard to coach their Team Members to higher levels of performance.

At the same time, they face challenges related to making enough time to coach, dealing with difficult coaching situations, ensuring calibration and articulately communicating the organisation’s standards.

This course addresses the business reasons for coaching, practical guidelines for making time for coaching, different approaches to coaching and the ‘how-to’ of coaching successfully using OmniTouch’s proprietary 7-Step Coaching Process.

Participants are provided with insights and ideas to measure individual and Team Performance across both Quality and Productivity dimensions and leave this course with confidence in how to manage both the ‘easy’ and more ‘challenging’ Coaching situations.

We work through 7 interconnected and insight-rich modules:

Module 1: Organizational Design

  • How Organizational Design and Call Centre Size impacts Quality
  • General management vs. Specialist Roles
  • Comparing & contrasting the roles of Quality Assurance & Team Leaders
  • How roles can best work together without inefficiency

Module 2: Monitoring

  • The 4 Strategic Objectives for Monitoring
  • It’s about more than Agent Development
  • The 5 Classic Forms of Monitoring
  • The pros and cons of each and how to use them

Module 3: Calibration

  • Defining the who/what/when and how of Calibration
  • The 4 levels of Calibration and how each one works
  • Why Customer Satisfaction & Monitoring scores don’t always agree

Module 4: Selecting & Defining Performance Standards

  • Where do Performance Standards come from?
  • The role of Compliance vs. Caliber and what this means to scoring and coaching
  • Why Customer Satisfaction & Monitoring scores don’t always agree
  • The 4 critical pieces of documentation for Performance Standards
  • Why you need these 4 pieces of documentation for coaching

Module 5: How to Teach

  • Why being a good Teacher helps you become a great Coach
  • How to Teach a Performance Standard
  • How teaching fits into coaching

Module 6: How to Coach

  • The definition of Coaching
  • Coaching best practices
  • Using Level 2 coaching to change behavior
  • The 7 Step Process for Level 2 coaching
  • Dealing with difficult Coaching situations
  • Using performance management techniques

Module 7: Wrapping it up with overall Agent Performance

  • How to evaluate Agents across both Productivity & Quality dimensions
  • Looking at developmental reports for Agents
  • How to track Agent progress & measurably improve performance

Your Facilitator

The course is delivered by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider, 30 year industry veteran and internally renowned Trainer in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Contact Centers and Customer Service.

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