CXPA Member Workshop: How to Guide Your CEO to Set Intentional CX as North Star

CXPA Member Workshop: How to Guide Your CEO to Set Intentional CX as North Star

When:  Feb 14, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (ET)

Based on customer insights, how much do your C-Suite and Board “steer the ship”?While investors and competitors often shape executive decisions, your customer relationship strength ironically shapes your investors’ rewards. Like the North Star guided ship captains in steering the ship for millennia, “intentional customer experience” is the north star for the most admired brands, such as Ritz Carlton and Disney. The success of your Head of CX and your CX strategy is empowered or endangered to the extent that intentional CX is your firm’s North Star. This interactive mini-workshop walks you through how to shift your leaders’ decision-making habits to put the horse (customers) before the cart (investors) in turbulent times and in good times.   

At the end of this 90-minute workshop, you will have a plan for engaging your C-Suite and Board in embracing intentional customer experience as their north star.

 Workshop Outcomes

  1. Quantify CX value in the language of your Board and investors
  2. Identify your core-growth customers’ job-to-be-done
  3. Craft or fine-tune your intentional CX for #1 and #2 above
  4. Plan to engage your leaders in adopting intentional CX as their north star

*Note: There is limited availability for this session. There will be 50 CXPA Members only available spots. After the 50 spots are filled, you will be placed on a waiting list. Please make sure you have the time available on your calendar

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