How to Lead & Manage Employees - the Employee Experience Workshop by RTP Daniel Ord

How to Lead & Manage Employees - the Employee Experience Workshop by RTP Daniel Ord

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Starts:  Jul 5, 2022 12:30 PM (AEST)
Ends:  Jul 8, 2022 04:30 PM (AEST)

Workshop title: How to Manage & Lead Employees

  • Online delivery by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider and 30 year industry veteran
  • Delivered online across 4 x 4-hour sessions

Recommended audience: VPs, Directors, General Managers, Customer Experience Managers, Branch Managers, Contact Centre Managers, Team Managers, Team Leaders, Quality Assurance, Human Resources and anyone who manages people or is involved in managing people.

Workshop overview:

Drawing from our work with Managers & Team Leaders around the world we designed this program to help new and not so new Leaders lead, engage and create a better experience for their people.

We find that much of the discussion out there is generic (be nice!). But that doesn’t really help much. Most people know that already.

Like any professional discipline, managing & leading people involves practices, frameworks and behaviours – and that’s what this course is about. By the end of this workshop, Participants will have real tools and understandings around how to do a better job with their people.

And unlike generic workshops – this one has a special focus on Employees who work in Service and Customer Centric environments where the challenges can be unique.

We work through 4 independent but interrelated modules:

1.  Leadership & Management

In our experience working - some people make this topic too complicated. And that makes it hard to understand and even harder to practice.

We define Leadership - and examine what the best Leaders use to inspire people to achieve a shared goal. And we define Management - and work through how the best Managers guide people to achieve their potential. Because as a Leader you do both.

And we cover the essential storytelling tools that Leaders use to guide & inspire their people – tools used are open to everyone from the CEO down – but which often fall by the wayside.

2. The Roles & Responsibilities of Managers & Team Leaders

Smart Managers ask themselves a series of questions – over and over – to refine their work.

  • What do I do every day?
  • Where does my time go?
  • And is this the best way to spend my time?

Because the answers to those questions illuminates what their Employees will experience as well.

In this module we look at data to help us decide where time is best spent, conduct an intensive time & motion study on where time is actually spent and compare the two.

3. Performance Management & People Conversations

Your organization needs outcomes. Your people need the guidance & motivation you have to offer. The bridge between outcomes & ‘motivation’ lies in the frequency and quality of conversations you have with your people.

In this module we spend a lot of time on the different conversations you'll have with each person who works with you.

From the 'good' conversations such as praise and recognizing something 'well done' through to dealing with the more challenging conversations you need to have to help folks learn, keep on track and understand the consequences of what they're doing (or not doing).

This module alone will transform how you think about speaking with people around you.

4. Employee Engagement & Culture

It's easy to get confused. What's the difference between Employee motivation, satisfaction & engagement? And what the heck is Employee Experience?

Because now everyone is talking about that too. Does that mean we have to go back and undo and redo everything we know about people?

In one of our favourite modules in any course, we untangle all of this and get deeply practical. Because once you know what these things are, why they matter and how to bring them to life - it gets a lot easier.

And we close out the module with a look at Culture - and how you can contribute to building a better one where you work. We’ve been brought in to help big companies improve their work culture across all Employees – and have the case studies and stories to share about what works – and what doesn’t.

Your Facilitator

The course is delivered by Daniel Ord, a CXPA Recognized Training Provider, 30 year industry veteran and internally renowned Trainer in Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Contact Centers and Customer Service.

Venue: Our program will be held online via Zoom and we will advise registered Participants how to join

Contact us at the link with any questions!

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