On Testing Day

Make sure you’re ready for Test Day by preparing thoroughly and looking through this checklist of things you’ll need.

Taking the Exam in Person or via Remote Proctor

Make sure you have:

  • A valid photo identification that includes your signature and legal first and last name (e.g., driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID)
  • The test center location and phone number (just in case!)
  • That you meet the technology and equipment Requirements for Remote Proctoring
  • A map to the test center, if needed
  • Just for fun, why not double-check your confirmation letter to verify the date and time of the exam?
  • Remember that before beginning the exam you’ll need to place all personal items – handbag or wallet, coat, and any electronic devices, including phone, tablet, calculator, camera, etc. — in a secure locker or away from your remote test environment. The recommendation is, “If you don’t need it, don’t take it!”

When You Arrive at the Test Site or login to the ProProctor App

When you arrive at the test site or login for your session via remote proctor, you must confirm your identity by providing a valid photo identification that includes your legal first and last name and your signature (e.g., driver’s license, passport, government-issued ID) to the proctor. Candidates must place all personal items (e.g., phone, wallet, and coat) in a secure locker or away from their test environment before taking the test. You will need to enter your examinee ID and passcode in order to access the exam, so it is essential that you bring your printed confirmation letter to the test center or have it on hand for the remote proctor session.

A tutorial is provided at the beginning of the exam so that candidates can become familiar with the software before beginning the exam. A demonstration of the software is also available as you prepare for the exam.

It’s critical that the CCXP certification is awarded only to qualified individuals, so the testing protocol has been designed to help ensure a legitimate examination. The CCXP Certification Exam is closed-book. No reference material is allowed in the examination site. No electronic devices for the storage, display, or transmission of data, such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablet computers, calculators, tape recorders, computers, or cameras are allowed in the examination site.

Candidates are absolutely prohibited from recording examination content in any format. Candidates who violate these rules will be asked to leave the site and may be disqualified from the exam as well as from future exams. The examination, answer sheets, worksheets, and any other exam-related materials remain the sole and exclusive property of the CCXP Program. These materials will remain confidential and are not available for review by any person or agency for any reason.

About the Exam

  • The exam consists of 100 items.
  • All items are multiple-choice with one correct answer and three incorrect options.
  • The exam is offered in English and French (Metropolitan French)
  • There is a three-hour time limit for completing the exam.
  • At the test site, you will receive a printed or electronic diagnostic report of your results, which includes an overview of your performance on each test section as well as your overall.
  • A passing score provides you immediate designation as a CCXP.

If You Pass

If you pass the exam, you are immediately able to begin using the CCXP and marks associated with it. You will also be issued a digital badge you may use on social media, in your signature line, and via email within 14 days. Learn more about maintaining your certification »

If You Don't Pass

The exam covers a broad range of topics related to customer experience, and some applicants will find the material too deep to successfully pass the exam on the first try. That’s OK! Your diagnostic performance report highlights areas to study, and when you’re ready, you may register and sit for the test again during your six-month exam eligibility period.

You may retake the examination two more times within this six-month period if you don’t pass on the first attempt. The fee to retake the exam is $199 (U.S.) for members and $349 for non-members. You will receive an email with further instructions on registering to retake the certification exam in the event that you do not pass. If you are not successful at passing the exam in three attempts, you must resubmit an application and the current certification fee to try again.

Exam Rescheduling & Cancellation

In the event of a medical emergency, death of an immediate family member, or active duty military orders, you may cancel or reschedule without penalty. Without such an approved reason, if you cancel or reschedule your examination five or more calendar days before the scheduled examination date, you will incur a cancellation or rescheduling fee. If you reschedule or cancel a scheduled examination less than five calendar days beforehand, or you arrive at the testing center without proper ID and/or the proper admission letter and you are therefore unable to take the scheduled exam, in addition to the above-mentioned fees, you will have to pay an additional $199 or $349 to reschedule the exam. Please contact the center located on your confirmation letter to reschedule or cancel your examination.

Page updated October 2021

CCXP Candidate Handbook

Everything about becoming a CCXP is contained in the CCXP Candidate Handbook CCXP Candidate Handbook – it’s your guide to navigating the CCXP certification process.