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The London CXPA Network is a local community of CX professionals to connect, learn, and share ideas and best practices with each other. We welcome you to stay connected in this online space in between your in-person events planned by CXPA volunteers. We can’t wait to welcome you at our next event and thank you for being a part of the London CXPA Network!


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Announcements List

  • June 17th virtual network event - How a CX Professional can keep the CX Vision alive

    Join us for a lively panel discussion with Chloe Woolger of Kantar, Laura Bowyer of KFC and Jerry Angrave of Empathyce.
  • Regsitration open for April 7th

    You can now register to join our virtual networking opportunity on April 7th.
  • Let's NETWORK

    Dear London CXPA Network Members,

    Let’s get Networking!
    The CXPA has announced that at least for the rest of the year all network events will be run virtually. Whilst this is a shame it comes as no great surprise to any of us and we are fully supportive of the CXPA’s decision. We therefore need to work on our ability to offer you opportunities to network virtually with fellow CX practitioners. As you are well aware, we are all inundated with CX and EX seminars and webinars. All are very compelling, so we feel the London CXPA network needs to give you something different but equally as beneficial. We are therefore, as our name suggests, going to focus on networking, namely getting to know each other, learning from each other’s direct first hand experiences and offering support and practical tips beyond the theory.

    The game plan
    Our proposal is to run informal 1 hour networking sessions every 6 weeks. There won’t be a formal agenda with a speaker, unless of course it is apparent that the network would benefit from a talk by an expert on a certain topic. Instead we will focus on learning about each other’s areas of activity, areas of expertise, things that worked and did not work and aspects of CX that you’d like to gather insight and guidance on from fellow network members.

    Join us on 7th April
    Our first new style network session will be on April 7th at 3pm. At this network event we will focus on getting to know each other i.e. who’s in the network, your CX strengths and your CX challenges. Our intention is to build a picture of the network’s collective strengths and experiences that we can all tap into at any time. Similarly, we’d like to identify opportunities to learn and develop our expertise together. These areas will become topics at future network events where we’ll “seek and share” ideas and experiences.

    Join us online
    Another opportunity to support each other is via the CXPA community pages. A London CXPA network community page is available for our sole use. We have registered most of you so you should already have access, but probably worth checking just in case something went wrong.

    Please look out for an invitation from Eventbrite to sign up for networking on April 7th .
    The London CXPA network will only add value if we all contribute and get involved in some way or form. We really hope you are able to participate on April 7th or at one of the future networking dates.

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