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The Chicago CXPA Network is a local community of CX professionals to connect, learn, and share ideas and best practices with each other. We welcome you to stay connected in this online space in between your in-person events planned by CXPA volunteers. We can’t wait to welcome you at our next event and thank you for being a part of the Chicago CXPA Network!



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Announcements List

  • Discounted training program from Highland Academy for the Chicago CXPA Network

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    Highland Solutions, which is a supporter of the CXPA Chicago network and hosted our 2019 CX Day event, recently launched Highland Academy. Highland Academy is a virtual digital innovation training program led by David Whited, Highland's Director of CX. 

    Highland Academy offers hands-on, practical training that shows innovation leaders how to put theory into practice. They’re currently offering a session on Guided Storytelling & Journey Mapping, which includes 3 weeks of training + downloadable resources so attendees can hit the ground running when training is completed. This session's resources will include: 
    • Customer interview scripts 
    • A step-by-step guide to interview coding
    • Journey mapping templates
    • A research read-out playbook 

    CXPA Members can use code HIGHLANDFRIENDS15 to get 15% off!

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