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The Portland, OR CXPA Network is a local community of CX professionals to connect, learn, and share ideas and best practices with each other for all members in the pacific northwest region and beyond! We welcome you to stay connected in this online space in between your in-person events planned by CXPA volunteers. We can’t wait to welcome you at our next event and thank you for being a part of the Portland CXPA Network!


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  • April 22 Noon PST to 1:15

    Improv Theatre Meets CX Leadership Skills! Let's Do This!

    Some of you know Adam Rudder, he's CXPA's improv theatre guru, always fun, definitely provocative, never dull. This year, our group is on a course to examine CX Leadership, how to have more of it, develop it, and build leadership throughout organizations. And Adam has generously queued up some exercises to get us to be leaders and to challenge our thinking about how we could excel as CX leaders.

    This is our local meet but as long as we are on Zoom, if you are a CX practitioner, feel free to join!

  • Feb 11 Noon PST: Bruce Temkin: The Power Of Storytelling

    How did an engineer who started his career designing submarine systems end up leading the CX community? During this presentation, Bruce Temkin will share the lessons that he’s learned about storytelling and explain how it has been a critical component to his professional success. He’ll also discuss why it’s a critical skill for all CX professionals.
  • CX Brand Leadership w. Christopher Stark

    Branding CX | Nike Case Study with Workshop

    It started on the CXPA Forum. One of our members wanted ideas for how to brand their CX program, perhaps to give it the attention it deserves! Chris wrote that he 'launched the CX program while with Nike and branding the program was half the battle in terms of gaining acceptance. ' Chris got lots of follow-up requests about this and so I thought it would be a great way to close out the year with his interactive presentation. He'll discuss the Nike case and follow that up with an exercise to get us all thinking about leading through brand.
    While this is a PDX CXPA event, CX people from far and wide are encouraged to attend!

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