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About Us

The Switzerland CXPA Network is a local community of CX professionals to connect, learn, and share ideas and best practices with each other. We welcome you to stay connected in this online space in between your in-person events planned by CXPA volunteers. We can’t wait to welcome you at our next event and thank you for being a part of the Switzerland CXPA Network!





Announcements List

  • Local network event | Technology should make life easier

    Let’s dive into how Technology can truly simplify our customer’s lives.

    Tired of struggling with technology and building the customer experience around IT?

    Join the Customer Experience Professionals Association - Switzerland (CXPA) for our online event with CIO Alexander Nelles from Kantonsspital Winterthur.

    7. December from 17:30-18:30

    Reserve your spot now!

  • Celebrate CX Day 2023 with us

    Join us for an exciting event, CX Day 2023 - CXPA Switzerland, on Tue Oct 3rd 2023 at 17:00  at the Hochschule für Wirtschaft, Lagerstrasse 5 in Zürich. Online participation is possible as well.

    A must-attend for anyone passionate about putting the customer at the heart of your organisation.


    1. Two inspirational speakers.

    • Géraldine Bröker, Head Customer Experience and Insights at Groupe Mutuel
    • Faran Niaz, CEO CX Future, Keynote Speaker

    2. Learn about how the Swiss rate their maturity level of Customer Centricity and CX in the Swiss CEX 2023 study.

    • Presented by Prof. Dr. Michael A. Grund, Head of Marketing and Business communications @ Hochschule für Wirtschaft
  • Meet Andrea Amico - Head of Customer Experience at Philip Morris International

    Join us for an exclusive online event with Andrea Amico Head of Customer Experience at Philip Morris International about designing real customer experiences, on Thursday June 29 2023 at 17:00.

    Learn from Andrea, how he aims for human centered design by making it real. And how he envisions the role of CX in different industries based on his experiences.

    Andrea Amico: A big change, goes hand-in-hand with opportunities. That's how Andrea Amico sees it from a CX designer point of view. He gives an insight in his experience of designing real experiences.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from one of the industry's leading experts, Andrea Amico, Head CX Philip Morris International!

    Register now and secure your spot. Open for all professionals who are intereted or working in the area of Customer Experience (CX).

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